pwdin 12:26pm, 8 October 2011
Any good examples of what's possible with the video mode?
breakable writer [deleted] 10 years ago
None from me. Anybody else?
HaarFager Posted 10 years ago. Edited by HaarFager (admin) 10 years ago
I've wondered how it would do in the video mode, but haven't tried it, either.
zazen2007 7 years ago
tried once, but it wouldn't download and eventually just deleted it entirely... it's also supposedly capable of being a pc cam, but i couldn't get that to work either.

now that new v2.03 drivers are available, everything should work (at least, that's what they said on the website...). i'll have to re-install 'em plus the updated software, now also v2.

all for now,
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