mekongaroo 1:52am, 19 February 2010
Is this a good lens? Why is it so cheap?
Noctcaelador 12 years ago
From what I hear the 150mm f/2.8 optic is good, but not as good as the 165mm f/2.8. The 165 is a very good lens, sharp wide open. I place the 165 above the 105, 200, and 300 lenses. At least that is my experience. A terrific portrait lens.
JanneM 12 years ago
I kind of wonder why Pentax sells both, actually. The 150 and 165 seems to fit pretty much the exact same role. The 165/2.8 seems to perform really well from my so-far limited experience with it.
kuronakko 12 years ago
The 150 came before the 165, it is older so it is usually cheaper.
JanneM 12 years ago
Which kind of just begs the question: with the 150mm available, why release a 165mm? or, once the 165mm was released, keep the 150mm around?
kuronakko Posted 12 years ago. Edited by kuronakko (member) 12 years ago
The 165 replaced the 150.
It was supposed to be an improvement, but since I never used the 150 before I don't know if it is better or not.
mando.alvarez 12 years ago
I find the 150 to be very specific in its use in the 6X7 format. I too have wondered why Pentax offered both the 150 and 165. I have both, and quite frankly have only used each for a couple of shots.
Noctcaelador 12 years ago
As Kuronakko alluded to, the 150 was produced first, in 1969. The 165 was not introduced until 1982 and was a replacement for the 150. Pentax did not produce both at the same time. Being a replacement for the 150, the 165 was produced to be a better lens in performance. It is a fine lens.
Frankieboots 12 years ago
I have the 165mm. I don't use it a lot but it is a great lens.
william.olive 12 years ago
It is a good lens, fast and sharp.
acidic spring [deleted] 12 years ago
I had heard such great things about the sharpness of the 165 f/2.8, and really wanted it, but passed because of the sync speed. For studio application, I have the 165 f/4 LS (as well as the 90 LS), and have recently been using it with great pleasure. I'm editing a recent editorial and will post those images soon.
JanneM 12 years ago
Thanks. I was sure I've seen both the 150 and 165 being sold new. I was probably wrong, or I've seen some remaindered stock or something like that.

In any case, I'm very happy with my 165/2.8 so far. It's an excellent tight focal-length complement to the wider, permissive 90mm.
peta-W 12 years ago
the 150 happens to be my 1st P67 lens, at USD 60 bargain price .. i bought it first coz it was such a steal, and bought a P67 body months later ... for a portrait lens sharpness is not that important, and sometimes sharpness works against you

in any case, i find the 150 sharp enough overall and i use it for most P67 portraits
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