jim_newberry 5:29am, 24 January 2016
I recently started posting 360° spherical panos here, and was disappointed to see my zenith and nadir areas pinched/distorted after uploading to Flickr. Any way to avoid this?
dbur971 5 years ago
It's unbelievable this is not fixed. Take a look at how some other sites display zenith and nadir Flickr. You're the only ones who mess this up. Why no response to this issue?
HEIDEMICHEL 5 years ago
Any comment about this issue from flickr ? zenit and nadir are distorted and you can't zoom into the image. Can you please improve this viewer.
simon sherwin Posted 5 years ago. Edited by simon sherwin (member) 5 years ago
There have been numerous complaints about this. I suspect the amateurs who coded Flickr's awful VR mode have Ricoh Theta cameras which show their hands at the nadir. And for them a shrunken, soft blur is the best compromise thus they don't want to correct it.

Whatever their reason Flickrs bodging wrecks my images and has gone on too long. I would like to find an alternative home for my work.
jossil66 5 years ago
Agree, I was very disappointed, zenith and nadir areas distorted after uploading to Flickr.
djonstyle 3 years ago
Will this be fixed?
Jezzer 1 year ago
Thought this something I was doing wrong but no - this is still happening. Flickr pull your finger out and sort the nadir/zenith pinch issue. Now using kuula for my 360 pics!
Lea-Kim 1 year ago
Yes, this is very disappointing from Flickr to not take 360 pictures seriously. VR integration would also be very nice!
John C. Chu 6 months ago
5 years later and still nada. I've posted on Flickr's suggestion message board, but they give the standard answer. "Yes I understand why you want to... I will forward... blah blah"
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