__multifaceted 8:08pm, 23 January 2007
has anyone figured out how to make customized ringtones for this phone? i'm not sure what kind of file i'm supposed to convert it to. =( thanks in advance!
_Gid 15 years ago
On mine you can just load MP3 files into the "Sounds" folder.

As I understand it, you can use AAC or MPEG-4 files too, but I'm not sure what extension to use.
iFranky 15 years ago
MP3 works perfect for me. But I didn't discover yet how to change the tunes for the alarm.
__multifaceted 15 years ago
so you would have to cut the mp3 file though to like a 30 second file right? or is the whole mp3 file ok? haha sorry i'm such a noob. =(
iFranky Posted 15 years ago. Edited by iFranky (member) 15 years ago
I actually have some full mp3s as ringtones to identify my groups. I didn't notice the phone looping the audio after 30 seconds.
Just highlight the mp3 file you want in your My Stuff ---> Sounds folder and then enter the options ---> set as ringtone.

Hmmm, should 'ringtone ID be the way to use Pink Floyd for the Alarm? Gotta try that.
_Gid 15 years ago
I use full-length MP3s for ringtones. The only problem with it would be running out of memory, which could be a problem since the 2G Shine only has 50MB built-in.

I don't think there's any way to change the alarm sounds or the message alert tones.

I cover LG Shine ringtones in the review I just posted:

Shameless plug, I know, but it seems relevant :-)
__multifaceted 15 years ago
do you guys use the LG Mobile Sync program that's on the website? or do you just transfer the files without a program? i don't know if there are different versions for different countries or whatnot but i have the one from korea.

oh and thanks for all the help so far. =)
_Gid 15 years ago
I've just been transferring without a program. Since they're pre-release in the UK at the moment, they don't come with software yet.
__multifaceted 15 years ago
i tried hooking up the phone with the data cable and nothing. =( computer didnt pick anything up. i guess i have to go harass the people that sold me the phone? =)
_Gid 15 years ago
Hmmm... what does the phone say? It should say something like "Mass Storage". If so, the phone should just appear as a removable drive on your PC, just as if you'd plugged in a digital camera or memory key.

If you've installed the LG software, it could work quite differently. I don't have the software, and I use a mac anyway, so it probably wouldn't work.

You could also try using Bluetooth to transfer the files if your PC's got that. It's slow, though.
iFranky 15 years ago
USB recognizes as mass storage device and bluetooth finds my puter too. Windows XP2 upto date works perfectly here.

Good transmission speeds with USB. But when I connect over USB the phone is not reachable anymore. :|
That is annoying, especially if you use it as main phone. Sounds like firmware needed.
But I do like the USB charger function.
__multifaceted 15 years ago
when i plug it in my PC, it says i need to dL some kind of driver. =( i guess i should try taking my laptop in the shop but i'm 100% sure the people there won't know how to function my MAC. =( haha. thanks ~
emagi_media 15 years ago
Hi All ^_^ Thought I'd join in on this group from eMagi ^_^ To answer some of the questions...

For Mass Storage on PCs you'd need to be running Windows XP (and hopefully SP2). For those on older OS's (2k, 98, M.E etc) you require a driver.

3rd Party Generic Mass Storage Win98 Driver

The above driver might work under Win2k Home/Pro as well so its worth a shot. For MAC support I believe Mac's support Mass Storage devices as well? So it should work.

As for when Windows does not pick up the 2 Removable Drives correctly under XP (I mentioned this too in my review) don't panic. Simply reboot the LG Shine by turning it off for a few moments then back on.

Hope that helps a little! ^_^
_Gid 15 years ago
Incidentally, I've also had problems where the phone needs to be restarted. Usually it works the first time, and then when you disconnect and then reconnect later, it won't pick it up the second time.
emagi_media 15 years ago
Did you "Safely Disable Hardware" before physically disconnecting the cable? Granted you shouldn't need to do this every single time for a Mass Storage Device, but it keeps the file system intact.

If not then I would suggest getting into the habit of at least disabling before disconnecting. Is this on a Win XP SP2 machine? Sometimes the Mass Storage driver stays in memory and doesn't refresh itself properly... Give the PC a reboot and try again.
_Gid 15 years ago

If that's a reply to me, then yes. This is on a mac, though. I do correctly eject/unmount the "removable disk", but immediately it brings up the "Unrecognised media... Ignore, Initialise, Eject" dialogue... I can't remember the exact words, but it's what you get when you try to mount a weird filesystem it doesn't understand.

In theory, it should stay unmounted if "Ignore" is used, but neither Eject or Ignore prevent that reconnection problem.
emagi_media 15 years ago
Yeah sorry it was to you Gid ^_^

Hmm... I don't have any Mac hardware myself just yet (waiting for the quad cores) but it seems you have tried rebooting the mobile phone already before to reset the settings.

The phone itself uses FAT I believe but I can't remember if it was FAT32 or FAT16 for compatibility sake. I can't test it right now as I don't have the cable with me, however have you managed to get it all working once again after a reboot of the mobile?
_Gid 15 years ago
Yeah... it's fine after a reboot of the phone.

Thing is, it *sometimes* manages to reconnect the second time too. I haven't been able to find a repeatable test case. Saying that, I haven't tried that hard! :)
emagi_media 15 years ago
I have managed to have it working a good few times even when not "disabling" it after use... I don't know LG's OS too well so I don't know the hidden service/status menu of it (or indeed if it has one) to check out the firmware version and that which it uses.

Still it works and its only a minor annoyance ^_^
_Gid 15 years ago
Mmm... I had a Nokia which consistently crashed every time IrDA was switched off (pre-Bluetooth). That was a release firmware, too.
emagi_media 15 years ago
Damn, now that would be pretty annoying, not only for the speed of IrDA and limited range but it crashing too! Thankfully we have Bluetooth 2.0 and maybe sometime in the future WirelessUSB/WiFi to help avoid such issues on mobiles other than smartphones.
Casey_Mark 14 years ago
Ok so how do u set up the MP3 files that you have on your phone as a ringtone. I see that most of you hae this set up but i still cant figure mine out
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