keljaden01 4:54pm, 2 February 2007
Just wanted to know if this phone could have animated walpapers

Thanks in advance :)
Macmartyr 15 years ago
Yes it can. The ones that come with the phone are Flash (swf) animations and they run all the time in the backgound. I don't know about other animated file types though.
keljaden01 15 years ago
wow thanks. I would think flash animations would take a alot of processing power.
emagi_media 15 years ago
It doesn't actually as there is a Flash Lite SDK especially for mobiles and other devices. Sony Ericsson first used Flash for their GUI and other mobile phones should follow suit as it is very effective at what it does.

Also most mobiles now are becoming more powerful, some with even GPU's (Graphical Processing Units).
TrickierStinky 15 years ago
ok how do you add custom flash backgrounds i cant seem to figure it out anyone willing to help?
keljaden01 15 years ago
Ive acutally got some correct sized flash wallpapers. But when I try them out the phone wont accept them. Guess your only stuck with the default ones.
TrickierStinky 15 years ago
that pritty daft that they dont allow them i can put them in others folder and shows up icons and everything just dosent let me press
yamanc 15 years ago
i have same problem too. i have 240x320 flash animation and puslished in flash lite settings but i can't open it. i tried everything :'((((

this is emberessing for Lg :( (how can we do them written on nowhere!!!!!! )
sweetwhispers71 13 years ago
I have an LG shine and I have downloaded wallpapers from zedge and added "bling" as they call it to my pictures and it works well as a wallpaper or as a picture for your contact. It has tons of flashing items and if you can't find what your looking for it has a search bar to help you find what you need. This website also works for regular pictures for myspace and facebook.
The website is called .
Hope this helps... it works for male or female.
geno-ah 13 years ago
that was not swf, that was GIF. and i believe that KE970 and the other series is stuck and doesn't support any of SWF format for being wallpaper. GIF is quiet good but the SWF is more popular and more awesome bcos its high frame and also the size.

beautifuly and shiny trap from LG, :{
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