Video problems

keljaden01 6:53pm, 7 February 2007
Hi guy sorry if im busy a bit annoying with all thse questions (3rd one so far), but ive finally got this phone, which is perfect apart from one little problem Im having when playing videos.

The videos Im trying to play are 3gp videos, converted using SUPER, and when I try to play them they come with File not supported, or something close to that. My guess is that theres something in the encoding of SUPER which the Shine doesnt like.

Cna anyone help plz?

P.S. I've tried these same videos with my Razr v3i and they work perfect.
keljaden01 15 years ago
Hi me again, did some investigating by converting the videos using a different converter and they work fine. Must be the settings in SUPER causing the trouble.
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