Camera problems

ragzriches 3:47am, 28 February 2007

Im a new member and new lg shine user. Just having a problem with zooming in while trying to take a photo. The up and down keys on the side of the phone do nothing.

Another thing about the phone is that the picture ID appears but is the wrong orientation, is there anything I can do to correct this?

Thanks in advance
keljaden01 15 years ago
If you've got your camera set to max res, you cant zoom. It has to be one of the lower settings to be able to use the zoom function, which kinda sucks I know.
ragzriches 15 years ago
Oh gees, i feel like an idiot now.

Just got another question, I've seen on a video demo on youtube and there was a shortcut to turn the LED on when in camera mode. I've tried the button they press and every other button on the phone and no luck. Any Clues?
ambiguous direction [deleted] 14 years ago
hum, my macro doesn't work anyway... someone knows why? or it's a problem of the cell?
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