Ookami Katayama 5:01am, 19 July 2008
I've been trying to use the data cable to pull photos off my phone. I found some help on a forum elsewhere to get my computer to see my phone finally, but still can't pull pictures off.

Instructions I found were here:

After changing settings to Mass Storage, my phone says I need an SD card.

So, my question if you've gotten this far, how do I transfer photos from my camera using the data cable?
unique stretch [deleted] 14 years ago

You need to put an SD card in your phone, transfer your images to it, and then you can connect to the pc and use it just like an external hard drive.

I just found out yesterday that you can automatically save new photos directly to the card by changing the options under the camera settings. Since I've done that, all photos that I take automatically go to the SD card and are then easy to transfer to the computer.

Hope that helps!
Ookami Katayama 14 years ago
hehe, got it, thanks though
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