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aparkerw 7:57pm, 21 January 2008
Have a book you've made, post the blurb link here and share it with everyone.

Just finished mine:

* NOTE- when posting your link, makesure it is to
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kaityv 14 years ago
This is my second book and I'm just as excited, if not more to receive it!!!

I'd love feed back:

p.s. does anyone know how to save images from your book so that you can post page from your page on a website?
aparkerw 14 years ago
kaityv, the preview looked nice. What was your first book about?
Also, do you think this will be a trend? That you'll do a yearly summary every year?
wormgirl Posted 14 years ago. Edited by wormgirl (member) 14 years ago
Mine is
It's with Norwegian captions, and is like a photoalbum for my dad.

I'm doing the 365 projects at the moment (or rather 366 this year), and I want to make a blurb book when I'm finished. It's almost a year until that time though, and I have to not abandon the project :) Hopefully I'll do good. But I think I'll have to make a book in the meantime also, because I loved the first book I made!
kaityv 14 years ago
I made a family photo book for my dad for Christmas and he loved it. I'm trying to start a small business making books (wedding, vacations, etc.). Yeah, I'd like to made a book a year with my photos (although I'll probably end up making more then that). I feel like it's such an exciting way to interact with pictures.

Your book looks very nice as well. I went on a similar trip over a year ago (before my SLR camera).
nature55 14 years ago
Here is sales yet :(
aparkerw 14 years ago
nature55, nice book, some of those preview shots are great. Over what timeframe were those pictures taken?
Fox&theHound 14 years ago
Neat idea! I love looking at new books people are making.

kaityv & aparkerw I love your books! *sigh* I've always wanted to go to Italy.

Here's mine but the first few pages aren't very interesting because I didn't get to our Fiji pictures until page 15.

You can see more interesting pictures on my blog:
aparkerw 14 years ago
Fox&theHound, that's a great book. Great use of the full book, the full-bleeds are well done. And having amazing scenery doesn't hurt either huh?
Fox&theHound 14 years ago
Thanks aparkerw. Yeah I wish I could go back. It definitely was a trip of a lifetime. I just couldn't get over the colors. The sunrises were just so saturated with color that I got up early every morning to take pictures.
aparkerw 14 years ago
Just got my book in and have posted a few shots.

Book Sample 4

Book Sample 6

Book Sample 3

I'm going to put a writeup on my site tonight and will link over. There were a few printing issues that I'll hilight there.
aparkerw 14 years ago
Ok, my writeup is done with pictures of the few quality issues my copy had. Take a look here for samples shots, size comparisons and close-ups of the errors.
*cindimh* 14 years ago
just added mine to the bookstore yesterday. :D
TA DA!  TA DA!  TA DA!  TA DA!  (that's me doing a happy dance!)
and it can be found here:
i look forward to seeing the other books in the group and sharing information and advice. :)
DRYInk 14 years ago
Here's my first book and it shipped today! I'm so excited, I wish I would have created in a larger formate, though.
Amanda Lockrow 14 years ago
I just got one I made with other people on Etsy and it was soft cover so I am working on one for myself now that will be hard cover. I think blurb is such a neat idea! I just have to add the text to my layout now!
aparkerw 14 years ago
Amanda, let us know how everything turns out. It is addicting, isn't it?
chill_work 14 years ago
Here is my first book. I just got it this past Friday.
paolofusco Posted 14 years ago. Edited by paolofusco (member) 14 years ago
Here's mine. A selection of my 2007 best photos..

you can find many of the photos used for this book here:
tina-m 14 years ago
I've just found this group and found Blurb through Flickr. So excited about my two new books, have just done the final edits and made them public. Blurb is so cool! :) I'm already thinking of the next book.

My coast paintings:
My coast photos;
hevvva 14 years ago
This is my first book, which is a collection of poetry (well, my song lyrics) and photographs. I was pleased with how it turned out and am already planning a follow-up!
YOzefff Posted 14 years ago. Edited by YOzefff (member) 14 years ago
Well .. my first book :

It's still being printed ... can't wait ;-)
jsompinm 14 years ago
Here goes, my take on Thailand. Still waiting my copy very excitedly.

come on people, buy one, i give you friend friend price :)
YOzefff 14 years ago
jsom .. buy mine I'll buy yours lol

fyi .. I have a complete preview here:
YOzefff 14 years ago
YESSSS ..... My first Blurb !!!

YOzefff 14 years ago

My book got staff picked by Blurb!!!
aparkerw 14 years ago
paolofusco, I'm going to NY for the first time in July and your pictures make me so impatient to get up there, very cool
jsompinm 14 years ago
Hey YOzefff.....didnt get your book yet but i saw it on staff picks stuff. Anyways, i got my shots here as well for preview...comments are most welcome :)
YOzefff 14 years ago
jsom: .. wow .. nice pictures ... me envy ;-)
jsompinm 14 years ago
well they, someone got picked by the envy too :) btw....any sales from that exposure? if you dont mind sharing...
Dave Mc Nally 14 years ago
YOzefff 14 years ago
nope .. you sales yet :( ...
toddlertoes 14 years ago
jsompinm 14 years ago
Thailand, photobook, front

Ahh, i got it finally in the mail....looks good :) I'm happy camper now. And yeah...i'm cheapie, got the softcover for myself only...
tina-m 14 years ago
Mine is finally done with proper final proofs so I've uploaded some photos. :) Went all arty and took them in front of a big canvas I'm painting.
owenb. 14 years ago
I've made three books, one for each year of my photoblog! I'm really pleased with them, they're so nice to look through and to hold.

volume one:

volume two:

volume three:
Lou O' Bedlam 14 years ago
Boom. Couldn't be happier with this thing, printed perfectly, size is almost imposing. 100% satisfied:

Jair Ribeiro BR 14 years ago
Hey folks

I'm newbie on Blurb.. but I wil publish more books on next days..

please check it out and make me know:

Thank youuu
Jair Ribeiro BR 14 years ago
errata corrige...

hey folks.. that's the right link for my book..
General Petrovsky 14 years ago
Wow, I didn't know you could do books here! Reading this topic got me thinking about a photo book about my band, Kozaks of Metallishtan, which has a very distinctive visual style. The book wouldn't have very many pics but it could contain a bio and some other info about the band.

naftalina007 14 years ago
some great books here ... very inspiring
Overall I am a very happy blurb customer

here s mine

c a R I O q u i c e s c a R I O q u i c e s ... By NAFTalina Make a book with Blurb Book Preview

Just a different view of carnival in Rio, before, during and after

It s NOT a book packed with images of gorgeous brazilian women:)
It gets pretty colourful after the first 15 pages of black and white preview
You might start hearing samba once you reach page 72

pics selected from my pics tagged with rio
Ale Di Gangi Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Ale Di Gangi (member) 14 years ago
I am excited to introduce you my first photobook, just arrived from the Nederland pressing plant.
looks delicious and i'll make more of them, as i considered this as a test to start off... soon i'll do more :D

the book is now on sale here:
book one [1] By ale di gangi

book one [1]

book one [1]

book one [1]
spotless noise [deleted] 14 years ago
While living in Paris I picked up photography, this is the result of those years:


Three years later
rnsheets Posted 14 years ago. Edited by rnsheets (member) 14 years ago
Joined Blurb a week or so ago, just got notified my new book is on the way and it's on Blurb at

I haven't thought of selling books yet...have to wait to see how my first book is first :)
FlickrDelusions 14 years ago
I tried out some layout and formatting ideas in my first book. Now I have to get to grips with a real project ;-)
Lame Timber Jack Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Lame Timber Jack (member) 14 years ago
wahey got my first book published, just have to wait for it to arrive now.

have look at it below, I dare you to buy it!!

you can see most of the images in my blurb set on my profile.

NINE MONTHS WITHOUT HOME NINE MONTHS WI... JUNE 2007 - MARCH 2008 By Aaron Smith Make a book with Blurb Book Preview
Just found this group.. I had a coupon for a free Blurb book last November and waited until the last day before deciding what to publish.

California Woodies

I plan on making a 2nd edition of this book sometime in the future with twice as many photographs/pages and perhaps some more captions to go along with the photos.
picturiapress 14 years ago
If anyone needs help publishing their books, we've done quite a few
with blurb.

Jerry (jerrywongjh) 14 years ago

Concert pictorial book.
brave boat [deleted] 14 years ago
Well, it's about time!

todd* 14 years ago

Follow the link on my photo for my not-so-glowing review:
Pardon Me, I Just Blurbed
rnsheets 14 years ago
My second book has been published.
barst 14 years ago
It took me 3 tries to get the black and white images right. In the first copy, they were too magenta and too dark. In the 2nd version, I over compensated and some were too light. But the 3rd version seems just about right. My first book, which was in color, was much easier to do.

Here is the bookstore page:

and the PDF preview:
Figuromo 14 years ago
My ever first book!!!! So happy! I love the book, as my photos are mainly b/w, i found the black is not black enough and blotches at some pages which kinda expected.


Check out my books
judithsafrica 14 years ago
Have you ever dreamed of Africa? Have you ever wanted to take off and chase a dream? Have you ever wanted to step out of reality? Make the world a better place? Then go to:
CarolMunro 14 years ago
This is the first book, there will be another one sometime later this year:

My Oregon, Your Oregon
J. Nahmias Posted 14 years ago. Edited by J. Nahmias (member) 14 years ago
here is my book:

it is a compilation of my best photos and my emails which i sent out to all my friends and family on regular basis (kind of like an email blog type thing). so far, it has been well received, although the emails are a bit racy. but really, really funny.
Impok 14 years ago
This selection of widescreen pictures is the first part of an Icelandic landscapes collection. All the pictures in this book were taken in the summer of 2006, during my first visit to Iceland, using a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D - 24mm lens. These pages embody the first impressions this Nordic island made on me.

widescreen widescreen icelandic landsca... By Paolo Gianfrancesco Book Preview Make a book with Blurb
Wendy Mills 14 years ago
Here it is

Italy how I see it. My first book.
notlob86 14 years ago
this is my first blurb book. i made it as a christmas gift for my grandparents last year (but i just managed to get it to them a couple of weeks ago ; ) ) anyway, it is all photos of their house on the beach. there are a lot of flower shots b/c my grandma has such a green thumb that i didn't want to leave anything out.
_antonios 14 years ago
I received my first book...
...excited! :)

Creta Creta 2007 By Antonios Bouris Book Preview Make a book with Blurb
pijus 14 years ago
alert fnord [deleted] 14 years ago
Hello friend,
My new book is hot off the presses at Blurb! Take a sneak peek and place your order…
It's a book release, and you're invited -- come check out my new book at Blurb: See my published books

Hi, I've already linked my books to my profile page, but I figure the more places it can go the better it will be, so here they are:
Zack Boswell 14 years ago
I created this book of 35mm images of California's wild places a while back for family and friends. It was fun and I learned a lot about bookmaking/self-publishing. Can't wait to begin another project!

MYRIAD PHOTO MYRIAD PHOTO By Zack Boswell Book Preview Make a book with Blurb
coherent whistle [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by coherent whistle (member) 14 years ago
i made a book for my grandmother:

bubbelah with miles

she was always very supportive of me growing up, especially with my 2 favorite interests: music and photography. my "bubbie" gave me my first camera when i was 8, and always was encouraging my endeavors as a DJ.

to show my appreciation i made this book. it was pretty meaningful to her. when i gave it to her she was almost speechless. my bubs is the bomb.

the book is all my best photography from the last couple of years.. mostly pictures of things that have to do with music and family and other things important.

dig it.
tremendous cars [deleted] 14 years ago
I just published my first volume of travel writing, after a year spent traveling the world and recording my experiences in words and pictures.

I've previously written several novels, but the complementary format of text and images was new and exciting for me!

Here it is:---


And my bookstore at Blurb!

I just received my copy of the book and the quality was superb.

sashdc 14 years ago
I actually got into the blurb thing for a project for my final year of uni, but loved making it, and opening it for the first time; and frankly can't wait till i build up enough pictures worthy of a second 'publishing'.

This one is basically a cross sectional view of two of my three hometowns, dubai and toronto, all the pictures (and more because i couldn't afford to print 150 pages) are on my flickr page. Everyone else's books look really great too.
Zach_ManchesterUK 14 years ago
I made a book and the experience from start to finish was really positive. As you might see from my photostream, I am kind of, erm, eclectic in my photography. Quite a few friends bought a copy. At the time Blurb didn't allow people outside of US to charge extra to make a profit. Not a problem, as i didn't want to profit from friends, and never will.

I did spend silly money on buying 10 copies for friends, but it made them happy!

Shameless plug...
filter_99 14 years ago
Here is mine whic actually made book of the week at the time which really suprised me! Still no sales though lol
jimmedia 14 years ago

Really pleased with quality, to the point it is to be published and redesigned with more images and new copy added.

Blurb really provided a good digital proof to show to potential customers.

nicora 14 years ago
here is mine, it's a tribute tot he local landscape of Eastern Washington

First book!
First book!

Columbia River Plateau Landscapes
besbe 14 years ago

Hi, we are 54 Galician bloggers and we have published this book that contains photographies and text. We are very proud of the result because it has been a collective work and because the quality of the book is very good.

Thanks and greetings!

Our book is titled "Project Identity" and it is also avaliable in the galician netlabel A Regueifa in format e-book.
wmlub 14 years ago
I've enjoyed the three Blurb books that I have published. They are of very different subjects. It has been lots of fun, and my friends have enjoyed their copies.

One of the books is
and tells of one old dead tree that is always full of life.
krismarques 14 years ago


scrappy42 14 years ago
My second book below is of my recent trip with my sisters to New York City last October. Absolutely amazing trip.

I'm currently working on two more books. One for my brand new shiny niece, Lily. And the other, which I will post here when it's done, is my two week jont around England. I got some truely amazing shots there if I do say so myself.
tolucophoto Posted 14 years ago. Edited by tolucophoto (member) 14 years ago
This is my first blurb book!
When No One Is Around...

When No One Is Around...

I am just waiting for my copies to arrive!
I made it for my third year uni project, but i'll definitely make more books.
super bottle [deleted] 14 years ago
dry stomach [deleted] 14 years ago
Recently finished a book of my Agent Orange series - 'The Legacy of Chemical Warfare'

Also did my Portfolio
sugarpond 14 years ago
I made a book last year for our honeymoon:

My Blurb Book

Here's more post about the book:
gosugi 14 years ago
I've been wanting to publish for a while, and this is an initial run to see what the audience is like.

Urban Giraffes Urban Giraffes By Go Sugimoto Make a book with Blurb Book Preview
Momba (Trish) 14 years ago
My first Blurb book, 39 Birds, is a collection of the 39 bird photos published in our local weekly newspaper during the year 2007.
Take a look! I hope you enjoy!!

39 BIRDS 39 BIRDS Photographs of Bird... By Patricia Green Fe... Make a book with Blurb Book Preview
photosbycarol 14 years ago
This is my first Blurb book. It contains some of my poetry and photographs. I am very happy with it. I hope you all enjoy it.


Heart Felt Poetry and Photos Heart Felt Poe... By cm sterenberg Make a book with Blurb Book Preview
lizzie.fordmadrid 14 years ago
This chronicles a trip i took up the west coast, from San diego to Portland.
orcagirl Posted 14 years ago. Edited by orcagirl (member) 14 years ago
darkwood67 14 years ago
Here is a link to my first one

received the first copies a week ago and I am very happy about the outcome.
It looks exactly as designed with booksmart, the quality is really great (allthough I'd preferred it with mat paper not glossy) it's just bad you can see only the first 15 pages in the preview on the bookstore, because there are many more interesting pics on the next pages. Maybe that's something that one should consider when designing the book, so that people really can get a preview at the interesting things, could help with the sales.
I'll surely consider it for my next book, whenever that will be.
Flukeshot 14 years ago
This is mine...

Flukeshot x
jn625 14 years ago
Hi! I would love it if you checked out my first book.
It's some of my photos from my 6 months in New Zealand.
You can also see more of my N.Z. pics on my flickr page.

35 Portraits of young TwinS

TwinS book

Kent Budge Photography 14 years ago
Here's one of the books I made back in Oct. 2007

A few clicks down the road By Kent Budge

Hardcover 13x11 inches (33x28 cm) 214 pages
ksyakirin 14 years ago
kellipiper 14 years ago
here's the only book i've done, but i had a ton of fun making it. i plan on doing one of the kids for mother's day...
Pickersgill Reef 14 years ago
My book:

Grewlike Ideas

Grewlike Ideas By Topsy Grewlike and Pickersgill Reef

carlos y mariola 14 years ago
My book!

About my wedding
smithmf879 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by smithmf879 (member) 14 years ago
My first book chronicles my first half-marathon! I celebrated my 40th Birthday by running the Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon in VA Beach, with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. I'm currently training for my first FULL marathon with TNT, to be run in Anchorage, AK, June 21, 2008. I hope to survive to make another book of THAT event!
tico_24 14 years ago
I just had my honeymoon photos made in to a hardback.
I'm really pleased with the quality and will be using Blurb for my portfolio in future.
The Book of our Honeymoon
Rachel Perlow 14 years ago
I made a book for my parents' 50th Anniversary. Check it out and let me know what you think. BTW - I wanted the input of some relatives on it. Since the pdf printing takes FOREVER on my pc, and the resultant file is HUGE, I got around that by taking screenshots of my book in preview mode and posting them on flickr. Here's a link to my blurb book page and to my flickr book set:

I just ordered my book yesterday, so I'll post my impression of the final product when I receive it.
the melody censor Posted 14 years ago. Edited by the melody censor (member) 14 years ago
I've completed 3 books using blurb.

365 Days 365 Days a self portrait every day for a year Book Preview Make a book with Blurb

ADVENTURES IN IRELAND ADVENTURES IN ... 18 days . . . 11 cities Book Preview Make a book with Blurb

LEFT IMPRESSED LEFT IMPRESSED Book Preview Make a book with Blurb
TB Photography 14 years ago
I am new to the group but here is my book, thanks for looking

JackLyon 14 years ago
Hey TB -

The "public" URL for your book is actually:

You posted your "author's view" URL which only you can see. If you ever need the "public" URL, click on the "View how others will see your book" link under the Privacy Settings section of your Book Detail page.

CraftyBunny 14 years ago
I have just published 2 books:
God's Glorious Canvas
God's Glorious Flowers
Michelle Kauntz 14 years ago
Hello everyone,

I published my first book on blurb a couple of weeks ago and although it's admittedly not the highest quality of book out there, I believe for the price that they're charging that they've done a fabulous job.

I am looking forward to doing another!
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