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aparkerw 7:57pm, 21 January 2008
Have a book you've made, post the blurb link here and share it with everyone.

Just finished mine:

* NOTE- when posting your link, makesure it is to
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18ontheAlley 11 years ago

Here's the link to my book

It's about the disintegration of a relationship via photographs...I call it a fairy tale (of sorts)

hope this code works! XD

Disintegrations. Disintegrations. (a fairy tale of s... By Cookie Redding Book Preview Photo book
dynamic chance [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by dynamic chance (member) 11 years ago
This is an updated version NAKED TRUTH Exposing Men's Souls- my first book that I posted earlier this month:
kycamlewis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kycamlewis (member) 11 years ago
Just published
Pinhole and Plastic Pinhole and Pl... Shots on a Beach By Ky Lewis Photo book Book Preview
CarolMunro 11 years ago
CarolMunro 11 years ago
CarolMunro 11 years ago
All kinds of black and white urbex and industrial grimness:)

Mechanical Landscapes by Andy Marland | Make Your Own Book
rampant bicycles [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by rampant bicycles (member) 11 years ago
AFRODISIAC: My first. Photographed, designed and written by yours truly Chocolate.
Robin100 11 years ago
Just published my first blurb book: Under African Skies. Can't wait to see it!
Pink_Sweet Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Pink_Sweet (member) 11 years ago
Please check out my first photo book in blurb:

en cuatro estaciones by Laura Romera Martínez
| Make Your Own Book
Bart Kowalski Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Bart Kowalski (member) 11 years ago
Hey everyone. This is my first book with blurb. Hope you like it!

Q – What happens when a graphic designer spends 2½ years with his first DSLR?
A – Things I have photographed in my life so far — a book of 110 photographs, and a few realisations


Things I have photographed in my life so far (special edition) by Bart Kowalski | Make Your Own Book
My 4th book from Blurb. It arrived 2 days early which means I can show it to friends and family over Thanksgiving. Thanks blurb for once again coming through with great print qaulity.

Peru by Adam Parker | Make Your Own Book
Here's mine!
It's not the first I make... but it's the first one I show to the world! LOL
It's a Photobook of a recent trip to Prague with some friends!
adhesive quiet [deleted] 11 years ago
My first Book...

It is about the Spring Awakening (Frank Wedekind).

You can see a preview here.

Giovanni Savino Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Giovanni Savino Photography (member) 11 years ago
The photos in this book are excerpts from an already frightening extensive visual diary I shot and manipulated with an iPhone while walking around New York City in the first half of the year 2010.

iPhoneography epiphany by Giovanni Savino | Make Your Own Book
Giovanni Savino Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Giovanni Savino Photography (member) 11 years ago
When I Grow Up by Giovanni Savino

...Even if pain is a very personal feeling, by indentifying with these photographs, much more intensely than through many intellectual and verbal analysis, pain reaches and envelop us at a personal level.....

.... Savino is a photographic master of identification interplay and reminds us, along with Marina Cvetacva that “ The soul, vertex of spirituality for the common man, is for the spiritual man, almost flesh”.

Guglielmo Campione

Italian, medical doctor,
psychiatrist and psychoanalyst,
accomplished diver, musician and writer.

When I grow up by Giovanni Savino | Make Your Own Book
Anne Clements 11 years ago
Books by me just out now!

"Don't Pass Me By"
available at

"Cockney Coded"
available at
Louelise 11 years ago
Comment souffle le vent chez toi...

Polaroid book of 52 pages available here :

Comment souffle le vent chez toi... by Nelly Boustie | Make Your Own Book
educated volcano [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by educated volcano (member) 11 years ago
Hello all. I recently produced my first Blurb book. It's a travelogue of sorts recording a road trip around New England in the Fall. Next up will be one based in NYC - I'll be there first week in February.

New England Road Trip, October 2010 by John Delacruz | Make Your Own Book
The Roaming RED 11 years ago

I recently made my first Blurb book and LOVE it! Let me know what you think? The best photos are further into the book though that what can be seen in the "preview".

©HTO3 11 years ago
deepstoat 11 years ago
Hello, here's my book. 10 years in the making. I'm fairly happy with it. Hope you enjoy it.

Snaps Snaps (Standard softcove... By Stephen Leslie Book Preview Photo book
cally creates 11 years ago
My first Public book 'Six Days in France'
It's an 80 page photography book with 278 photos showing the colour, texture and detail of the towns and villages in the Haute Provence area of the South of France.

Here are a few page spreads to give you a feel of the layout...
My book 'Six Days in France' - pg12-13 by cally creates

My book 'Six Days in France' - pg28-29 by cally creates

My book 'Six Days in France' - pg54-55 by cally creates

This was my 4th book of travel photo's but with nothing in it needing permission to print publicly this one is able to go in the bookstore. Previous books were 'LA Colour Texture Detail', 'A walk in Venice' (Venice California) and 'In Snow and Ice' (Northern Sweden and the Ice Hotel 2006).
baalbeki 11 years ago
hey everyone. i've just made 5 books, following one concept: a photo a week from the years 2004-2009. originally a website, i've put them into books, a year each.. it's my first try with blurb, and i love the result.


would love to read your comments.
pho-Tony 11 years ago
I've just finished my book "52 Cameras in 52 Weeks" which records my use of a different film camera each week in 2010:

and this is the preview:

52 Cameras in 52 Weeks by Tony Kemplen | Make Your Own Book
love_of_orcas 11 years ago

I gave this book for Christmas gifts...

This book is of my daughter and I road trip we did summer of 2009 from California to Washington (San Juan Island) and back.
deepstoat 11 years ago
Here's mine, very happy with how it's turned out. Hardcover and heavy paper was expensive but worth it, there's also a cheaper softcover version. Enjoy and who knows, maybe even buy?

Snaps (large format version) Snaps (large f... (Hardcover only) By Stephen Leslie Photo book Book Preview
impossible cakes [deleted] 11 years ago
Hooray! The book arrived today. Looks Great!

The Art of Google Street View by Leslie Hawes.
I wander around the world on Street View, find something to draw, and draw it. This book is a sampling of some of my Street View drawings.

The Art of Google Street View by Leslie Hawes | Make Your Own Book
zoltan_bekefy 11 years ago
Here's my first public book:Monochrome journey.
Black and white photographs about Ireland.
mt_kang Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mt_kang (member) 11 years ago
Just try the website with some flickr images.

RANDOM by mtkang | Make Your Own Book
justbeamensch 11 years ago
I humbly announce my second book of Detroit Images-
Motor City Muse by Images of Detroit by Donald Jones | Make Your Own Book
Mark Monckton Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Mark Monckton (member) 11 years ago
I've just published my new book called 'Wonderful Trees'. The Premium paper is very nice, Hard back Large Square format. I'm very please with the print quailty.

Wonderful Trees by Mark Monckton | Make Your Own Book
ching' Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ching' (member) 11 years ago

Just published my book. A road trip on the west coast USA taking in Grand Canyon, LA, San Francisco, Yosemite, Zion, Las Vegas and much more!

4 weeks, 3331 miles!

3331 | Make Your Own Book
bogray 11 years ago
I've created my fourth Blurb book with a cause in mind. It's a little book of pictures of my wife's adopted cat named "Squirt". My wife passed away in February 2011 and I chose the Humane Society (or any related animal protection group or shelter) as a place to donate in her memory.

To that end, all proceeds from sales of the cat book will be donated in her memory to the Lexington Humane Society.

Bo Gray
Lexington, KY

A Little Cat Named A Little Cat N... A Collection of ph... By Bo Gray Book Preview Photo book
HolgART Posted 11 years ago. Edited by HolgART (member) 11 years ago

HolgART - Taking Off is now available
Andy Greaves 11 years ago
Welcome to my third book - Return to Sheffield Please
early shirt [deleted] 11 years ago
Hey! My new book about my country in (Le Perche nea Normandie) France. All in black and white! Posted 11 years ago. Edited by (member) 11 years ago
At the Blurb For Good web shop, I have presented a fundraising book on Japan:
Kyoto, Eternal city of cherry blossoms, geishas and temples. You can search there for 'Kyoto'.

This is a book for fundraising. All proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

The cover photo is from the Ryoanji Dry Garden, a special meditative temple.
Ryoanji garden by

The back cover shows posted wishes at the Heinan shrine in Kyoto. It symbolizes the posting of a wish for a good relief of those suffering from the tusnami, eartquake and fall-out..
A posted wish by

In my photo stream you can find several photos from the book.

The book is addictive. You must order yourself a copy!

Global Villager Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Global Villager (member) 11 years ago

I would like to share my first and latest book here. Please leave feedback if you like it,

Northern California by Jeffrey Djayasaputra | Make Your Own Book

thank you,

Jeff TD
jglsongs 11 years ago
Just published my third book to Blurb, called "Faces of New York."

FACES OF NEW YORK by Jon Gilbert Leavitt | Make Your Own Book
Christoven 11 years ago
My book of a short travel in Kolkata.
Kolkata 08 Kolkata 08 Carnet de rencontres Par Christoven De Almeida Aperçu du livre Photo book
CarolMunro Posted 11 years ago. Edited by CarolMunro (member) 11 years ago
jakerome Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jakerome (member) 11 years ago
The Icebox Book by The Icebox | Make Your Own Book

All money raised ($20 for each 12" hardcover, $10 for each 7" softcover) is being donated to the American Cancer Society. And I'm kicking in an extra $5 donation with each purchase.
Martin Creese Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Martin Creese (member) 11 years ago
3 Books from me so far and I've been really pleased with them all . More work in progress as well at the moment !

Adventures with Steam by Martin Creese | Make Your Own Book


The Last Signal Boxes by Martin Creese | Make Your Own Book


7-5-5 - The Last days of Shirley Signal Box by Martin Creese | Make Your Own Book
kiltarn 11 years ago
kiltarn Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kiltarn (member) 11 years ago
Wanted to do a diary on what it is like day -in,day-out, on planning a large original pic.
How you work out the theme,the colours,the size.
What problems you can have and how to solve them.
The book can be read on-line with the Blurb link.
Not too daunting,only about 100 pages (large print) and half of these are pictures.
enclave365 11 years ago
Hi I would like to introduce you to my books
temporary market [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'v published my first Blurb Book and just received it.

I ordered it with a printed hard cover and it just looks fantastic !!! thank you Blurb.

I'm looking forward to the next one (much more colorful !!!)...
Darrell Godliman 11 years ago
Just finished my third Blurb book :

France - Paris - Blurb Book - Cover and Title page

France - Paris - Blurb Book - Layouts
iceboxcookie 11 years ago
I have just completed my third book with Blurb and i think they keep getting better all the time!

My newest book is Carnival in Venice

This is a collection of images taken with my iPhone

Women Of My Age: Glimpses Into Private Lives
This is a book about women and self image.
victorious iron [deleted] 11 years ago
Just published my first Blurb book. It documents my "100 Strangers" project which I have just completed.

100 Strangers Cover
@awursterphotos 11 years ago
outrageous observation [deleted] 11 years ago
Just published "my little big world" :
@fotodudenz 11 years ago
Just did my very first Lightroom to Blurbify!!!!
Kroons Kollektion Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Kroons Kollektion (member) 11 years ago
Just published my first book!

first book!
The Thin Grey Duke 11 years ago
Tine Lemaitre 11 years ago

My first Blurb instagram book.
franciscophile Posted 11 years ago. Edited by franciscophile (member) 11 years ago
victorious grip [deleted] 10 years ago
Here one of my three books...
Ruby L. 10 years ago
My first Blurb book, images shot with iPhone :)
Paul M. Robinson 10 years ago
This is my first Blurb book, another collection of iPhone images too:

Passing by by Paul Robinson | Make Your Own Book
YARO_NN Posted 10 years ago. Edited by YARO_NN (member) 10 years ago
This is my first Blurb book "At the edge of centuries":
YARO_NN Posted 10 years ago. Edited by YARO_NN (member) 10 years ago
This is my second book "Nowhere City"
First book:

Faces of our people: Bangladesh

A collection of photographs -individual or in pairs- reflecting the many facets of the people of Bangladesh.
Pierre Wayser 10 years ago
First book, a kind of road movie shot in the mid seventies :
Moon Can Do
wngravette 10 years ago
parallel texture [deleted] 10 years ago
Andrea Federici Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Andrea Federici (member) 10 years ago
Here is my last photo book of Rome, my hometown.

ROMA by Andrea Federici |
Martin Creese 10 years ago
dirtyharrry 10 years ago
cloistered soap [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by cloistered soap (member) 10 years ago
My first book:

Just about to order a copy. What is the blurb print quality like?
JasonBrownPhotography 10 years ago
Hi Here's my first book :)

Titled "Walk on the Wild Side" its an up close and personal portrait style book of Big Cats.

I'm donating any profits from the sale of this book to the "Wildlife Heritage Foundation" based in the UK

Thank you

Walk on the Wild Side
incredible elbow [deleted] 10 years ago
I cordially invite you all to take a look at my book about the parks in Beijing that includes captures from numerous visits to Beijing during tha last 5 years visiting our daughter and her fiance living in Beijing.

Beijing Parks by Eirik Johan Solheim LRPS | Make Your Own Book
relieved rain [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi, I just published my 2nd book on Southern Spain or Andalusia and I am so excited. Met a wonderful Blurb employee at the 1197 conference in October in San Francisco. He gave me a coupon that got me started. I love Blurb!
flickrphantom 10 years ago
Sex & Relationships book. Hope you like it.

DarkShines by Flickrphantom | Make Your Own Book
stevebez 10 years ago
I just found this thread. Lots of great work!

Here is mine. It is a photo book about Route 66, but it is neither a typical Route 66 book, nor a typical photo book. Let me know what you think!

decertified 3 2 by stevebez
material grape [deleted] 10 years ago
understood surprise [deleted] 10 years ago
London 1983 London 1983 Street Photography By Tor Gunnar Lehne Book Preview Photo book
John Goldsmith Posted 10 years ago. Edited by John Goldsmith (member) 10 years ago
My book is available for purchase via Blurb but I also made a video flip-through viewable on my own website. See here:

Drop Out of Art School Book
flondo™ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by flondo™ (member) 10 years ago
RichardBrittain 10 years ago
Hello, I am new to the group but have published two books. They are about the Portuguese people and Portugal.

Book 1:

Book 2:

Thanks for looking!
Ginas Pics Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ginas Pics (member) 10 years ago
outrageous afterthought [deleted] 9 years ago
This is my book published Dec. 2011
It's a series of workers in industrial settings and most are juxtaposed with poems and narrative accounts of the working life by poets who have lived that life.
Most were shot in the mid-west, primarily the Detroit area. Most were shot while I was on assignment for various labor unions like the UAW and the United Steelworkers.
All are B&W photographs shot on FILM and processed in a wet darkroom much like the one I'm still printing in.
Many of the photographs are part of an exhibit opening on Dec. 14, 2012 at the Detroit Institute of Arts. That's next Friday at 4pm - 7pm and will run thru June 16, 2013.
calong2009 9 years ago
This is my book published November 2012...check it out:

Captured On Film
Violentz Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Violentz (member) 9 years ago
My new book "Our Lady of Lawns - The Virgin Known as Mary" is a large collection of photographs I've taken of lawn statues of the Virgin Mary in several cities around Boston, MA. The book features over 300 individual statues all privately owned by home owners and includes no church statues.
20% off if ordered by 12/31/2012 if you use the promo code "Peak" at check out!
lemank 9 years ago

congratulations, beautiful books!
BorisWorkshop Posted 9 years ago. Edited by BorisWorkshop (member) 9 years ago
Here's my first book

"Taiwan will touch your heart"

perrygrl 9 years ago
My latest book, A Photo Alphabet Book.
Monica Forss 9 years ago
is a collection of photos taken at desolate and quiet places in southern Sweden.
All photos were taken taken with film.
fotomormor 9 years ago
For years I´ve been using a Microsoft computer, but recently I bought an iMac. My problem is that on the old computer I was working on three different books. Now I don´t know how to import them on my iMac? I´ve downloaded Booksmart to this computer, but have now a different email address and cannot "for the life of me" remember my username and password I used to log on to Booksmart! Do you have any suggestion how to solve this problem?
chief berry [deleted] 9 years ago
I've just completed my second book. It's all about Worldwide trades. Although the title is just in French, the book is bilingual + the photos are international. I'm a photographer working strictly with analog cameras. (well except for my Ipod with Hipstamatic of course!)
Share & buy it if you like it!
MArco● 9 years ago
neekaterina 9 years ago
Shelley Bain 9 years ago
This is my first book - a study on aging using my photography, original art work, and digital editing/design in Photoshop --
David Farreny Posted 9 years ago. Edited by David Farreny (member) 9 years ago
Here is mine!
Learn more...
illustratedWORD 9 years ago
My first 7x7" book – showing the many waterfalls at Ricketts Glen State Park, PA, USA. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by (member) 9 years ago
My first Blurb photo-book based on a seven months travel around the world in 2011.

In the book MZUNGU, you will find the most memorable and interesting of my images taken during this journey. An exiting mixture of black & white photographs shot in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, USA, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil and Norway.

My new travel photography book
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