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aparkerw 7:57pm, 21 January 2008
Have a book you've made, post the blurb link here and share it with everyone.

Just finished mine:

* NOTE- when posting your link, makesure it is to
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rnsheets 14 years ago
This is my second book which I am well pleased with.

Thank you Blurb!
_bobz_ 14 years ago
thanks to Chad Jennings for inviting me to this group

this is my first book
(but the photos are taken by my wife, Monica)

blessings to all
alexandra petersen Posted 14 years ago. Edited by alexandra petersen (member) 14 years ago
Greetings you wonderful people! Just finalized and posted the pic of my book (Little Deiter's ABC), and here's the link:

Am anxiously awaiting the first copy to arrive-any suggetions or critiques very welcome! (already sold 2, yay!)
iNancy iMages Posted 14 years ago. Edited by iNancy iMages (member) 14 years ago
Here is mine - a short compendium of historic buildings in Los Angels in their 21st century context.

Los Angeles - Yesterday's Places Today

Thank you blurb, it came out beautifully.
calculating river [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by calculating river (member) 14 years ago
Hi everyone, I have just posted a few photos of my book I had made, plan to have another one done. Love the hard cover & the quality it says it holds up.

Take care.
arkworld 14 years ago
brave boat [deleted] 14 years ago
Good stuff, arkworld. Kinda inspiring. I have no idea whether I could keep up with that. Was making the book your incentive for getting through the year?

image freak Posted 14 years ago. Edited by image freak (member) 14 years ago
Hi to all blurbarians. This is my first book from blurb, made as a test, and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out, though I have some issues with slight colour cast on B/W images.
It's exciting nonetheless and I will be interested to see if I sell some.
premium trade [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by premium trade (member) 14 years ago
This is mine dear friends!

Fire Exit Fire Exit ...a mia moglie Na... By Lorenzo Di Francia Book Preview Make a book with Blurb

In onor of my wife and my future son coming.....Federico.

Lance.Gardner 14 years ago
Here's a book of my trip to Costa Rica. It was a joy to make and looks great in print!
telling page [deleted] 14 years ago
Here's one I made as a gift for my friends last Christmas:

And one of our first zoo adventure as a family:
image freak Posted 14 years ago. Edited by image freak (member) 14 years ago
I have just finished some photos of my book for publicity. Here's a couple, and there are a couple more over at my site.

proposal to the ladies

page 4 and 5
benroberts 14 years ago

'One More Night' - a photographers journey through London's electro-indie clubbing scene.
g.gosling 14 years ago
Here's my first one:

Catalogue for my show opening next week!
Raggedy Anne. 14 years ago
tapping my fingers! i ordered my book on 10th may..........still not here! its been almost 2 weeks now, and i am getting restless!
Caroline Castendijk 14 years ago
Got mine and it is superb!!!!!

my blurb book

my blurb book

my blurb book

my blurb book
Caroline Castendijk 14 years ago
can see it here

My first photo book is hot from the press....check it out!!!!

LOOK By Caroli... My view on the world... By Caroline Castendijk Book Preview
the_real_alirat 14 years ago
Raggedy Anne. Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Raggedy Anne. (member) 14 years ago
Blurb book

My Blurb book 004

My Blurb book 002
Rachel Perlow 14 years ago
About a month ago I posted this:

I never did follow up when I received my book, so let me do that now. I thought it came out fabulously, except for one minor printing problem. I used the darkroom style with a reddish brown background color. On many of the left hand pages, there was a thin white stripe of the unprinted paper on the face of the page. This was not on the flip side of the page, I think that the actual printer was not aligning the paper perfectly or something. In any case, it was too late to complain and re-order in time for our party where it was to be presented, and frankly it was a minor glitch that doesn't bother my mom at all, even after I pointed it out to her. But, I took some pics of the offending pages and they are sending me a replacement book, even though I can't send back the original (not regular protocol, but many of the party goers autographed the end pages with their well wishes).

Here is a pic of the glitch:

And here is how we displayed it at the party, first on the place card table:

Then it was moved to the top of the piano next to the cake. Here, my brothers get the great idea to use the end pages for people to autograph:

Not the best picture, but it is the one that shows the book on the piano clearest. Actually, that's just the dust jacket. Since Barry is now signing the book itself. BTW - I used my cookbook holder to display the book, it worked perfectly. It is similar to this one:
third pipe [deleted] 14 years ago
the misfit bunny
by Sharleen Morco

Original story text, a series of photographs, and a number of original hand-crocheted misfit characters. For more information about the project, please visit:

The Misfit Bunny - Book Preview (by mmmfruit)
gosugi 13 years ago
long awaited publish of an ongoing project of mine. please have a looksy!! thanks!!

urban giraffes
urban giraffes By Go Sugimoto Make a book with Blurb

- Go Sugimoto
Envisaged 13 years ago
Here are my first 2 books (one of each son) published as a present for my wife for her birthday, just been sent to me so will send pics when they get here

First ever

and no. 2

I am in the middle of creating my 3rd book which is about the place where I live and will post again when published.

Tedi17 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Tedi17 (member) 13 years ago
The words "Love You Greatly" is how my dad signs all his letters, cards and ends his phone calls. This book is a collection of a few quotes he would say to me as I was growing up....well, he still has a few for me as an adult. I was unsure of what images to I just used some of my flowers.... enjoy the preview.

Thanks in advance for looking.....

BTW - it's just in time for Father's Day. How's that for timing?
arkworld 13 years ago
artfulpurpose...sorry didnt see your question til now. in the beginning, no, but towards the middle i had quite a few people tell me i should make a book once i was done and that they would buy it. that was more of an inspiration to make each day a creative shot more so than incentive to finish the project. :)
CatMacBride Posted 13 years ago. Edited by CatMacBride (member) 13 years ago
This is my first book, I was so pleased with it I'm sure to be back to Blurb in the very near future!
My First Blurb Book, front cover

My First Blurb Book, inside

See a book preview here:

Bart Gijssens 13 years ago
I just received my first book in the mailbox. It's about my trip to the Ardeche region in France. I am really satisfied with the result, altough some pictures are a little bit too dark, especially in the shadows. The strange thing is that it's not consistent: most pictures look absolutely fine, it's just some of them have too dark shadows.

Anyways, here it is:
(or for the preview)

A sampler from my current project, Strangers & Not So Strange.

On-going work can be viewed here:

Bits of Magic Images 13 years ago
Here's my second book from Blurb. It makes me look at my own work in a brand new way. I should have my actual copies in about a week.

Here's the cover:

New Blurb Photo Book!
Envisaged 13 years ago
Hi just an update, books shipped on 12th June, got them today 17th June, managed to get some shots and made a quick montage.

Blurb Books


Gonna get some serious work done on my next book (though not used any templates in booksmart, have made all the pages in PS)
Bits of Magic Images 13 years ago
I so missed the Flickr discount when I ordered my 4 copies of my new book! Grrrr.
0zzie Posted 13 years ago. Edited by 0zzie (member) 13 years ago
H&H Rodeo
Shelley Mansel Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Shelley Mansel (member) 13 years ago
Open fan

I just received my first book. I am very impressed with EVERYTHING!...
the book-making software, the book, the image quality,
the packaging, the prompt shipping,
the quick response to a question from support...everything!!

I had read a lot of the "horror" stories here and
on the Blurb forums before I had even finished my book,
so I was prepared for any number of mishaps along the way.
I am so pleased.

My book is a 10 year retrospective of my paintings, and I don't
think I've ever seen them look this consistently good in print.
I changed a few things from my proof copy (saturation,
spacing mistakes, etc.--all my doing!) and uploaded
the new version.

My book:

I'm hooked!
CarolMunro 13 years ago
This is my second book with Blurb -
Emmanuelle Gerun 13 years ago
I everybody,

Here is my first real photo book (i have already made the same as a "test" but this one is the REAL one). I've just order it and i am waiting impatiently to receive it !!
But i already love it...
Domain Barnyard Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Domain Barnyard (member) 13 years ago
I am thrilled with my Blurb Book! It's my first one published, and many more to come! It's better than all my expectations! I love Blurb!!
My Favorite Blurb Book!
rontalis 13 years ago
In Bothos Werkstatt

"In Bothos Werkstatt"

Still lifes and portraits made in the art conservator workshop; a peculiar place full of history, craft and emotion at the crossroad of time lines where old objects meet modern techniques.

70 black and white photographs mainly made with the large format camera. .

This is Version 7 of the book and it is the last and ultimate one. I don´t think there will be another one.

I am very satisfied with this. At least the colour is what I wanted to have without any cast or any default. Lucky me. I just hope for the following prints to reach this quality.

A last caveat, this is a german version. It doesn´t matter anyway since I reduced the text to a minimum: the introduction and the last page, plus some information about the art pieces here and there.

I set the price to the minimum and I recommend the hardcover version this time. You can find it at blurb.

Allow two weeks for delivery to Europe.

Fine prints on traditional silver gelatine baryt paper are available on demand.

This was an ad.
rubyc. Posted 13 years ago. Edited by rubyc. (member) 13 years ago

hi, first time posting something here :D
nice to meet you all!

here is my book detail:
Oceanpeg Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Oceanpeg (member) 13 years ago
Just uploaded my first Blurb book. Not sure how to show it here. Wish I knew about that coupon above for $10 off before I ordered my book. to check it over.....

Pineland Preservation Alliance Pineland Prese... Bishop Farmstead, S... By Scenic and Landsc... Make a book with Blurb Book Preview
picturiapress 13 years ago
Hi everyone. I'm a professional book designer that works mostly with Blurb. Here is a photostream of just some of the books I have done recently:

Visit my website at if you'd like to get your next book designed by a professional.
Benizao Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Benizao (member) 13 years ago

My first book.

And first wedding too(!)
enso-on Posted 13 years ago. Edited by enso-on (member) 13 years ago
As posted in another discussion,
here is my first Blurb book:
I am a professional book designer, working primarily with art museums, art galleries, University Presses, private collectors and local artists/photographers. See for sample covers of our work. I am spoiled from years of working with some of the best printers in the world to produce our books, so it took quite a lot for me to try Blurb but I have to say it is great that we can produce high quality hardcover art/photography/memory books for ourselves!
SlackerPhotos 13 years ago
Earlier this year I took my family on a cruise to Alaska. I had planned ahead of time to make a book of our vacation photos. When we returned I found blurb, made my book and had 4 copies sent to myself. I gave 3 out as gifts to family members who absolutely loved them.

We absolutely love our book and it's such an amazing way to remember our family vacation. You can check it out here:
AnotherSaru - Limited mode Posted 13 years ago. Edited by AnotherSaru - Limited mode (member) 13 years ago
Here is my first book. It is a photo journey around the Kansai area of Japan. Thanks!

It is 8X10 and contains almost 200 Photo's from Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Ashiya, Uchide, and Himeiji. People, Places, Plants, Animals, and Archticture.

Kansai Dreams Kansai Dreams A week long journe... Book Preview Make a book with Blurb
nedualismineregole 13 years ago
First experimental book
LauraKiora 13 years ago
Here is mine:

It's a real mixture of images between sleep and adventure but with a cinematic edge. I hope :)

Appear when I sleep
sugarpond 13 years ago
here is mine:


A collection of photos from our travels to Paris, Madeira and New Hope.
AndyJScott Posted 13 years ago. Edited by AndyJScott (member) 13 years ago
rick forgo 13 years ago
First book, still waiting for it in the mail...
jglsongs 13 years ago
My first Blurb book (already a couple of months old) but just realized there's a Blurb group on Flickr.
bigcitylife bigcitylife urbanscapes By Jon Gilbert Leavitt Make a book with Blurb Book Preview
eatable grip [deleted] 13 years ago
The Great Escape_1917

The Great Escape by Bienvenido Cruz
Square 7x7 inches (18x18 cm) 178 pages

The Great Escape is a collection of photographs documenting bands, distractions, shenannigans, and hijinx from the last two years. So if I ran into you some time between January 2006 and March 2008, there’s probably a photo of you in the book.

Preview it here. It’s available in softcover, hardcover, or with a dust jacket.

DerrickT Posted 13 years ago. Edited by DerrickT (member) 13 years ago
spiffy instrument [deleted] 13 years ago
Here is my book, a Childrens Vector Art book entitled 'Karate Cat'.

Check out the preview =)
Joseph Yarrow 13 years ago
thats a damn fine looking book! ^^^
julieabrown1 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by julieabrown1 (member) 13 years ago
What is the age range (what age child would like it) for this book? I love it!
foshydog 13 years ago
Here is my book:

I got my new camera in May of 2007 and these are the pictures I liked in the basic order I took them. I plan on doing this every year to see how my style and interests change. Enjoy.
spiffy instrument [deleted] 13 years ago
Thanks Joseph!

Julie b1: It's intended for kids 2rd-5th grade, but i would imagine any kid who gets a kick out of Pixar films or Kung-Fu Panda, would like it. =)
Lenny&Meriel 13 years ago
I just got mine and I'm loving the quality.

I'll sooooo be making a 7x7.

Book cover Pooh Sticks in a book Rake patterns in a book Eggs in a book
Oasisbill 13 years ago
Hi Folks. This was my first book. The others are one each for the kids, and one for Mum, But this is from a trip to JAPAN. I hope you like...
thirsty gate [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by thirsty gate (member) 13 years ago
Here it is. It contains 40 pages, about 40 full colour original photos or art work I created using my own photos. Hard cover with dust jacket. I am now waiting for an image wrap copy as I redid a few small things after having seen the original one printed out.

I see some wonderful publicationsin here. Great stuff.
I particularly admire those people who have done stories with illustrations.

First attempt

I love your wacky sp book arkworld !

Whilst your book aparkerw is beautifully presented and contains some super images, I was wondering how you deal with the copyright issues for the car you have published. I see it belongs to the Carabinieri which is an armed service. How did you get around that?
picturiapress 13 years ago
My latest book!!!

Here to view my other books:
Joan Vendrell 13 years ago
stale judge [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by stale judge (member) 13 years ago
philippe* 13 years ago
Here is my book about New York:

I also made one about Tahiti (photos taken over 25 years) and one about a road trip to Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

Thanks for looking
Mine is about a road trip i made during 3 months through Europe
Some 500 photos in it

Love the book to show to family, but i was not too happy with the quality of print. On the other hand, for it's price, it's the best :-)
bellybutton girl 13 years ago
i have two books of my own available on Blurb:

coming attraction
darkness & light: a selection of the best of my 365 days images


alternate worlds - images from my debut solo exhibition held in august 2007

i've also got images and a profile in the recent release from a flickr group, the female self-portrait artists' support group, She Took Her Own Picture.
Kira Buxton. 13 years ago

This is the second edition of the book I wrote with my best friend over 400 miles apart. All the profits go towards helping the children of Northern Uganda.

Buy book.
View our website.

Photos I've published into a 7x7 Blurb book for the recent Dodge Urban Beach Tour here in the UK.
thompp2000 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by thompp2000 (member) 13 years ago
here's my bookstore

UK motorsport from 2006 onwards (5 books so far)
piquant town [deleted] 13 years ago
I just did my second book with Blurb after loving how the first one turned out!

The second one is a book of fine art nudes and glamour images set in the desert (Preview slightly NSFW)

Here it is...
DaShell 13 years ago
This is my third book.

I am about to publish my fourth soon.
andrea tonellotto 13 years ago
...e questo è il mio...
franzj 13 years ago
Had a fun session with the kids and put the fotos in a book:

fun on the trampoline

You can find it here:
savory wire [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by savory wire (member) 13 years ago
My book is about Stephan Lundh, retired seacaptain and artist, who lives at one of the most beautiful places all over Scandinavia: Högby Fyr, a lighthouse island next to the waters of the Baltic Sea in Sweden.
54 pages, 29 photographs, some text, 8x10 inches

I've got my first copy a few days ago: they do a great job at blurb!

Stephan Lundh and Högby Fyr Stephan Lundh ... A story about year... By Gudrun Thielemann Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb
kiltarn 13 years ago
Throne Scene
kiltarn 13 years ago
I invented a new style and technique in Oil Paints.But only I knew how to do it,so I wrote a book on it.
Not just a DIY but an insite into an Artists life and mindset.
kiltarn 13 years ago
kiltarn 13 years ago
kiltarn 13 years ago
It's painting,it's creating a painting,it's Stained Glass,it's Ancient Egypt.
The why and wherefores. If your intrested in any of these things
check it out
judy h 13 years ago
I have uploaded my latest picture book for children: How to Travel. It's all about transportation. Wheels, rails, propellers, oars, wires. Big pictures, little text.

How to Travel
Just published my first photobook, A Galaxy in a Knothole. The preview really doesn't do it justice (so I've been told) because the best stuff comes after page 15, but check it out anyway and please let me know what you think.

I'm happy with my first shot at a book, and there are only a couple of minor tweaks I would make. Oh well, next time. I do have ideas for a couple more.

A Galaxy in a Knothole A Galaxy in a ... By Bob Wall Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
peteshep 13 years ago
gudrun: A delight to the eye, and mind!
(I hope to send off my first amateur experiment to Blurb tonight).
Klarix 13 years ago
Por Marruecos- through Morocco Por Marruecos-... Un recorrido por el... By Klarix Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
NancelAnders 13 years ago
I just published my first book; it's a photo journal of our travels in the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I hope it turns out as expected and am anxiously awaiting its arrival in the mail!
citytripod 13 years ago
i just my first book. It's a 8x10 book of shadows.
Violentz 13 years ago
My first children's picture book.....

31 Days of Santas 31 Days of Santas By Patrick Lentz Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
menelas74 13 years ago
opposite carpenter [deleted] 13 years ago
peteshep 13 years ago
alfredo lietor 13 years ago
A video about a book about Sardinia
scott.nunn 13 years ago
I was very pleased with my first book and the quality. It was our family vacation to disney this past summer.

I am currently working on more creative projects now, one being a series of "year" books for our daughter.
CatMacBride 13 years ago
Blurb Book 3
My second Blurb Book!
Preview at: 13 years ago
I just published my first Blurb!, and can't wait for it to arrive.
This is the address: []
I was stimulated by the free Blurb/Flickr Pro account upgrade promo (but I lost my code...)
Outstanding Stones, my Blurb!book - the front cover by

I have made Kodak books until now, but this is m o r e fun!
doug_r 13 years ago
I put my first book up for sale

Earth's Laughter
Earth's Laughter

Photographs by D. T. Rosenoff
adrianlms 13 years ago
Just ordered mine! Haven't got it yet..
Summer of '08 Road Trip
seoulman13 13 years ago
Here's my blurb book, from a trip to Paris in feb 08
limonium64 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by limonium64 (member) 13 years ago
Flora Vascular de las Islas Canarias Flora Vascular... Atlas fotográfico ... By Manuel Luis Gil Go... Book Preview
Este es mi primer libro publicado en blurb, con 969 fotografías de la flora vascular de las Islas Canarias (España)

Make a photo book with Blurb
HappyCaptainCrunch 13 years ago
Here's my new blurb book about my recent holiday in China. We travel to Beijing, Changsha, Shaoshan, Zhang Jia Jie, and more. I did the large landscape format first because it looks so nice. In the next few days I'll have the standard landscape (cheaper). Hope people like it and order it! Thanks for listening and looking.

- Chris
Everett, WA

China Through My Lens
Violentz 13 years ago
Here's my newest book....

"Ed" Male Nude Portraiture By Patrick Lentz Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb
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