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aparkerw 7:57pm, 21 January 2008
Have a book you've made, post the blurb link here and share it with everyone.

Just finished mine:

* NOTE- when posting your link, makesure it is to
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Rapunzel215 13 years ago
Here's my first book - I loved making it. It's so much better than buying trinkety souvenirs which you a) have to lug around whilst backpacking and b) dust when you get home. I'm now transforming it into a little 7x7 book for Christmas presents - it's all about me :)

Have a look:
peteshep Posted 13 years ago. Edited by peteshep (member) 13 years ago
Thanks SarahRapunzel,
I like the clean presentation, the subject matter, and the superb photos.
Very well done.
My first trial is in Preview, and has just been shipped (economy to NZ).
Michelle Brea Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Michelle Brea (member) 13 years ago
Here is mine: Fresh out of the oven!!

"faces" by Michelle Brea [?]
fairymagic17 13 years ago
I made a poetry book for my Mom. All my photography and own poems. Hope you love it!
CatJoySees 13 years ago
Keiron* 13 years ago
Just finished by first book...

urban fragments urban fragments by keiron hillhouse Book Preview
maggaegg Posted 13 years ago. Edited by maggaegg (member) 13 years ago
I have just finished my first book. Hope you like it as much as I liked making it.
My first book
Have a look:
squinttees 13 years ago
this is my first book, i'd love feedback!

elisa perusin 13 years ago
Hi! Here's my first book! It's baby cats photobook:
LIBROGATTO photographs by Elisa Perusin

Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
LoFiKen Posted 13 years ago. Edited by LoFiKen (member) 13 years ago
Please review, thank you!

earsplitting club [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by earsplitting club (member) 13 years ago
here's my first book:

elianarusso 13 years ago
peteshep Posted 13 years ago. Edited by peteshep (member) 13 years ago
First two; traditional architecture theme, similar format. Over 100 photos each integrated with blocks of Full-justified text. Monitor out of calibration meaning guesswork photo settings. Very good printing, binding, delivery.
Thanks to Chad, Tony, Lee et al...
Patience uploading. Click to turn pages. Rt-click to enlarge, then return to original to proceed.



P :-)
mickeyjohnson 13 years ago
It took me forever to get it just the way I wanted, but I finally finished my first book and I'm totally excited. :)
M Styborski 13 years ago
K36 Final01
My first book is now available at Blurb

It deals with the devastation and rebuilding of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward in the three years since Hurricane Katrina. Hope you like it!
feliz paloma Posted 13 years ago. Edited by feliz paloma (member) 13 years ago
James_Shook 13 years ago
tanguero (BLOCK, rinse, repeat) Very nicely designed. Technical question: Is that Gill Sans for the title (and other) text? How did you achieve that letter spacing?I have been adding spaces between the characters and adjusting their size for letter spacing, but that is tedious. I'd love to know if there's an easier way.
Hello, I am new to the group and new to makeing books. I just completed and ordered my first book. 7x7 with 46 pages. I wanted to see what their quality was before I make the large book of the outer banks.

I was quite excited doing this project, but have a question, the blurb software was quite slow, to the point of almost not hardly running while putting this together. anyone else have this or is this common.

let me know what you think of my first attempt. I will post the book when I receive it.
Many thanks!!!!
James_Shook 13 years ago
Yes, Booksmart runs like molasses here. There are times when it just goes away on its own for a while, and you just have to wait for it to come back. And "for a while" I mean a minute or more.

It seems to do a lot of caching of images, so if you move from one part of your book to another, you have to wait until it populates the pages with the photos you put in them. In other situations I have no idea where it went and what it's doing.
Anna Merritt 13 years ago
I don't have the slow problam on my desktop, however the laptop is another is really slow...

Sismoon...your book looks really nice! I am almost done with my first book...poetry and photographs...thanks for sharing!
M Styborski 13 years ago
Dan: Are you entering the text in BookSmart? For more control, build your cover (and any other pages applicable) in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Quark. The text tools in these programs have much more bells and whistles allowing you to control spacing, kerning, height, width angle, and line spacing.
gherringer 13 years ago
Here is my book about the birds in a park just down the street from my home.

Water Birds of Stanley Park Water Birds of... By Greg Herringer Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb
image freak Posted 13 years ago. Edited by image freak (member) 13 years ago
I agree with dan - Booksmart isn't the most stable programme on the block. I recently had it crash and then recover along with all the updated pages I had made over weeks. That meant re-editing the whole book with images repeating themselves three or four times along the way. A nightmare. I now lay text in MS Word and use copy and paste; or Photoshop and save as a jpeg to insert into the book. Booksmart text engine lays very slow and sticky on my machine.

Nice book Greg.
gaz610 13 years ago
James_Shook 13 years ago
M Styborski For non-body-copy text (cover, title page) I am creating full pages in Photoshop. The only Booksmart text is photo captions and a 1-page intro. Editing Booksmart text is a nightmare. I click in the box where I want to make the edit and most often nothing happens for as long as 30 seconds to a minute. Then I start to type and the new text doesn't appear. So I type as much as I can until I think I made a mistake and then wait another minute or so to see the text appear on screen. Edit, rinse, lather, repeat. Booksmart seems to be very busy all the time, but not doing much of what I want it to.

image freek Yes, same here. Booksmart keeps telling me I have no need to save because it's always saving for me. Then it crashes and I find that the most recent version of the book may be days old, and I have to do all of the adding of photos, editing of text etc. all over again. Also, when that happens, instead of seeing my file names when I hover over a photo, I see the name that Booksmart gives it in its library. Meaningless. Now, every time I make a fairly large change, I save the book to a new name. I know that I can at least get back to that version. Booksmart's auto-save feature has not been useful. I've had to start my book from scratch three times so far. If it screws up again I am going to forget it.

I find that it helps to quit Booksmart every 30 minutes or so, then restart. Also, Booksmart does not play well with others. Running any major application at the same time may cause Booksmart to go away for a very long time. I am afraid to force quite because i don't know what state that will leave my book in.

One thing would be nice: being able to set default font, size and color for text. Every time I start a new text box it always gives me Trebuchet, which I NEVER want. So tedious to change because when I go up to the font menu it will often freeze for a long time before I can scroll to the font I want. Finally I just made a page with blocks of text with the formatting I want and copy and paste from there. But if you delete all the text you just copied (just to get the format you want) it will revert to Trebuchet. Grrrrrr.......

Another nice thing would be to be able to set alignment for captions globally. As it is I want right-aligned captions on all right-hand pages, but I have to set the alignment page by page.
James_Shook 13 years ago
P.S. I haven't upgraded to the newest version of Booksmart because I am afraid.
d/an 13 years ago
my first crack at it
doug_r 13 years ago
My first book: Earth's Laughter

Earth's Laughter Cover
M Styborski 13 years ago
We should take this to another thread, but…

I laid mine out in Adobe InDesign, captions and all. BookSmart is just too limiting as far as layout goes. (For me, anyway. I can see how non-designers can appreciate it for ease-of-use, though.)

I wish it had an auto-update feature. I had to adjust the levels in a few shots, then re-export the pages from ID to PhotoShop which was easy, but then I had to Import them to BS, find the first versions, delete them, then put in the new ones. Bleh!

From a design standpoint, I'd like to see some way to run an image from the inside front flap all the way to the back flap. The cover options are just a tad stifling for me.
Didi van Frits Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Didi van Frits (member) 13 years ago
my old book
actually I am creating a new one...
ryderfreak 13 years ago
I published a Blurb book of my 35mm B+W street photographs in July 08. Please take a look and preview the book on the Blurb site. I am selling these books myself for USD$30 apiece (signed) for a limited time period only (softcover versions only, email me for details).
Nammo 13 years ago
I just ordered my first as a gift for my mother for Christmas.

The process was really easy. now I have to wait for it to reach me here is Oz. I's soooo keen to see it in print!!!
stale frame [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by stale frame (member) 13 years ago
My First Published Book

The Arts of Uncle Foto
Digital Photography . Post Productions . The Early Years 2006 - 2008

book 1 012
synonymous rake [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by synonymous rake (member) 13 years ago
cold sea [deleted] 13 years ago
david_arias 13 years ago
Here is my first book. I've made a video of it. Check it out.
peteshep 13 years ago
My second.
Greek traditional architecture.
Anna Merritt 13 years ago
My first book
LIFE, through the window of my car
stale frame [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by stale frame (member) 13 years ago
second book in the works, here's from first

book 1 013

book 1 014
ETicas 13 years ago
model337 13 years ago
I've just finished a book of street photography based on my experiences as an expat in South Korea:

Fragments and Intersections
Ben O. Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Ben O. (member) 13 years ago
Here is my Children's Book entitled "Snuggles".

Thanks for checking it out.

It would make a lovely Christmas gift for anyone with small children in need of a new book for story time.

Ben O.
The first book I made from Blurb. It is my friend's wedding. I put all the engagement photo, pre-wedding and the wedding day photo in it. Still waiting for the hard copy.

Alex 13 years ago
Long time listener, first time caller.

I've decided to try turning my portfolio into a Blurb book.

Here it is:

Gratuitous cover shot:

Lorenzo Madrid Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Lorenzo Madrid (member) 13 years ago
Since November 2005, in 30 months, I visited 15 countries in four continents and pictured everyday life, architecture, gastronomy and historic and panoramic views. More than being just travel pictures, these photos try to capture the essence of the places I visited.

Here you will find, views of Paris, exotic foods in Beijing, arabesques from Tunisia, hard gray remembrances from the WWII in Berlin or Mayan Indians in Central American.

This book can be found at

Something to remember by Lorenzo Madrid
Tony Gálvez 13 years ago
Like everyone else, I'm quite excited to finally have my very first Blurb book:

Maranhão, images of a Brazilian paradise.

As Blurb only allows you to preview a few pages, I've uploaded to Flickr a full index too:

full index / índice completo
James_Shook 13 years ago
Really nice, tonygalvez. I have heard of this place, but never seen any photos of it. You should sell a deluxe edition which contains an air ticket to go there!
Tony Gálvez 13 years ago
Thanks dan_enda . Excellent idea, mind you, the cost of the deluxe edition wd be quite pricey! Thanks for your comment!
Kat White Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Kat White (member) 13 years ago
Here's my first book { on release }, a series of Polaroid photographs.
I'm pretty excited :)

{ on release }
franciscophile Posted 13 years ago. Edited by franciscophile (member) 13 years ago
Curvaceous California
Curvaceous Cal... By Robert Goins Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview

L A K E T A H O E Nevada and California By Robert Goins Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb

Views of San Francisco
Views of San F... the City by the Bay By Robert Goins Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb
stale frame [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by stale frame (member) 13 years ago
sweet !

book 1 015

book 1 017
cngodles 13 years ago
My mothers Christmas book.

My Second Blurb Book

My Second Blurb Book

Here is a 440 page book next to my new 200 page book.

My Second Blurb Book
@thephotographer 13 years ago
Hi Everyone,
This is my maiden attempt at printing a book,
It's all about stuff that's in Singapore but stuff that hardly anyone notices,
so do take a look!
jeff lamb 13 years ago
sonny boy likes my book!,

sx70 moments sx70 moments New Orleans 1980 By Jeffrey Lamb Make a book with Blurb Book Preview
dataceptionist 13 years ago
peteshep Posted 13 years ago. Edited by peteshep (member) 13 years ago
Andrew E:
Beautifully done!
P (Auckland)
seemly ink [deleted] 13 years ago
Just finished and received my first couple copies...

"Everyone has boogers."

It's a funny children's book!

Everyone has boogers.
Bruno Amaral™ Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Bruno Amaral™ (member) 13 years ago
jimhairphoto Posted 13 years ago. Edited by jimhairphoto (member) 13 years ago
Printed by Blurb it was much better quality than I expected.

J#K Posted 13 years ago. Edited by J#K (member) 13 years ago

first tryout/experience with blurb! I'm really happy about its quality!
if you're interested in original male bodypainting-work, have a look :-) !
use the button as link, or this one:
M.Christine Duncan 13 years ago
I just finished this book in Blurb, and was thrilled with how it turned out... It's called Modern Light And Linez

It's a collection of some contest winning images of mine over the last year after I challenged my self to see my own city and home differently in the camera...

I also love how they let you create badges for your own websites, to promote your books... very cool. I know my family will be pleased to have something so personal under the tree this year as well...

Hope you give it a look-see!!!
cngodles Posted 13 years ago. Edited by cngodles (member) 13 years ago
My newest 440 pager.

State Parks of Pennsylvania

440 Page Blurb Book

440 Page Blurb Book

And my messed up white border on the back cover. Oh well:

440 Page Blurb Book
Bird Girl 13 years ago
My first!

I made this book for my niece and nephew! I travel to the Mackenzie Delta every summer to work and see lots of fabulous wildlife (mostly birds) and wanted to share it with them, and give them a little bit of education along the way!
Violentz 13 years ago
This is my 5th or 6th book....

Michael Michael Male Nude Portraiture By Patrick Lentz Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
winnie's human 13 years ago
Hi everyone. Just published my first Blurb book after having purchased two by fellow flickrites, and admiring the quality. I have to say it was great fun creating this:r
the cat is poetry
krystina stimakovits Posted 13 years ago. Edited by krystina stimakovits (member) 13 years ago
Hi everyone. Happy to report publication of some of my non-figurative works from the past 2 years: URBAN PARALLELS

I will post images thereof, once I receive the copies.

U R B A N   P A R A L L E L S

U R B A N P ... Photography By krystina stimakovits

Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview

Some of the images in the book are currently shown in an Exhibition in Ruislip, London, UK.
amoergosum 13 years ago
My first blurb book just arrived >>> "In the now - Maritime Momente"



Nammo 13 years ago
WhooHoo!!!! Got it, Love it!

My blurb book arrived!  Yippeee!!!
Anna Merritt 13 years ago
The books have arrived...I could not be happier!!!!

my new book

inside the book

LIFE LIFE Through the window ... By by, Anna Martinea... Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
swargo 13 years ago
Just recieved mine in the mail!
jmthompsonphoto 13 years ago
I am new to the group, and it is fascinating browsing through all of these terrific books. I currently do sports books for the parents of grade school and high school kids in our area, as well as full season books, but when I have time I am looking forward to compiling a book of my nature and wildlife photos.

Here is my latest book, compiling a season of high school football ~

Spearfish Spartans ~ 2008 Football Spearfish Spar... By Jana Thompson ~ T... Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
*Louise** 13 years ago
If you love cats this is the book for you....
Thanks for looking... :)

The Cats in my World... by Louise LeGresley The Cats in my... By Louise LeGresley Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb
Douglas M Paine Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Douglas M Paine (member) 13 years ago
This is my first book- first of many I hope!

Enter The Alphafish A Photobook by Douglas M. Paine Enter The Alph... A book of Photo art By Douglas M. Paine Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb

This is a collection of my best work, check it out!
check4newton 13 years ago
Blurb works fine for me... great results...

best regards from germany

Shawn Gordon 13 years ago
Here's Mine

cover2 by Shawn Gordon

The Unofficial Vine

The Unofficial Vine is a book with articles from authors who donated their works for print. Every bit of the profits from this book go directly to The American Red Cross. Yes, 100% of the profits go to charity.

This book covers a robust array of general discussion topics, from the day in the life of a man trying to get home during the 9/11 attacks, opinions of the political weather in the US on both sides of the fence, to the reflection on a father once through unloving by his son, and the open eyed approach to issues of racism and various ports of American subculture by those within it.

This book is an independent venture and in no way affiliated with, done through, supported by, created for, or in collaboration with Newsvine,, MSNBC or any related but unmentioned subsidiaries, In short, this is not an "official" Newsvine,, or MSNBC product. This book is a project for charity only.
Dwro8ea Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Dwro8ea (member) 13 years ago
I just received my first book. Some of the pictures where slightly darker than what I expected but nothing dramatic. I saw someone else's book in premium paper and I think it's better for the really good pictures. But for birthday pictures I think that was pretty good!

My First Book


Sample Page

Sample Page with Design
Russell F Spencer 13 years ago

Wildlife Through My Lens Wildlife Throu... By Russell & Yvette S... Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb

What a fantastic idea and site. My first day with Blurb and I am already hooked. This is the first of 2 books created for me as a surprise present, by my wife, using some of my work from the last year or so.
Russell F Spencer 13 years ago
Snavy Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Snavy (member) 13 years ago
My first book! Turned out really nice, I'm quite happy with the final outcome and will definitely be making another one. Feedback would be appreciated!

Change Through Time & Space Change Through... Photographs by Nav... By Navy Nhum Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb
Brooks Wildlife 13 years ago
Photo documentation of Hurricane Ike's destruction along the Texas gulf coast. 400 pages. Over 1000 photos that heavily document the damage that Hurricane Ike caused to the Texas Gulf Coast. So far, this is the largest known documentation of Hurricane Ike.

The Storm of 2008 The Storm of 2008 Hurricane Ike's de... By Brian Ober (aka Br... Make a photo book with Blurb
alfjodor 13 years ago
Here my first book: Blurb made a good work!!
Elizabeth Proffitt Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Elizabeth Proffitt (member) 13 years ago
My first two books with my photos of my town's civil war reenactment.

Battle of Sacramento
Take a tour of a civil war reenactment in Sacramento, Kentucky with Elizabeth's photos of the fun-filled 3-day weekend event. This book will make a great gift for the history buff or serious reenactor you know.

The Battle of Sacramento
Nostalgic Look...It is my intent with this book to give to you a bygone era feel. In order for me to do this, all photos in this book have been reproduced in Sepia tone and purposely given a grain quality to somewhat mimic photographs that would have been taken during this time period. Come and enjoy sifting through pages of photos of the Battle of Sacramento held on May 16, 17, and 18 2008.
Alan P Green 13 years ago

Here is my book...

Took me about 6 months to create, went down very well as Christmas presents for family
Music Man5 13 years ago
gooffey 13 years ago
just received my book and am very happy of the result. I made it entirely on my travel in Syria and must admit I was impressed by the quality of the print.

here's the preview available on Blurb website,

Blurb Page

you can have a peek at the preview on

and this is one of the pages

My Book!

hope you like :)

take care
Shaun_Sheep Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Shaun_Sheep (member) 13 years ago
My first book about my adventures :-)

The Days of Shaun The Days of Shaun Adventures of a Li... By Written by Mr Shau... Make a photo book with Blurb
Marc-W 13 years ago
My first book. (Hopefully to be followed by lots more!)

2008 - UK Motorsport Year. 2008 - UK Moto... A record in pictures. By Marc Waller Book Preview Make a photo book with Blurb
Blaine Dixon Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Blaine Dixon (member) 13 years ago
This is mine, Before the Castro District became a gay mecca in San Francisco there was Polk Gulch, the Halloween promenades there rivals New Orleans Mardi Gra. This is a photo record of the street over the course of one year 1980
ktelqueen Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ktelqueen (member) 13 years ago
James_Shook 13 years ago
ktelqueen Those pelican photos are superb!
Rhett Redelings 13 years ago
This is my first blurb book:

It's a collection of photographs taken with a Holga and a pinhole camera, using black and white film, which I took using a hand held light meter, available light and developed myself. The idea was to create something obviously handmade and hopefully looking like they'd been scooped up out of time. They are, hopefully, expressive rather than realistic.

I chose to limit the book to 40 pages to keep the price low but put an image on each page to give better value to whomever buys the book. I've taken more than 4000 photos in the last two years (not all of them good, mind) and it was so much harder to limit myself to 40 pages than I would have imagined. Huge thanks goes out to my wife for helping me navigate my own work.

Anyway, thanks for looking.
estejustin Posted 13 years ago. Edited by estejustin (member) 13 years ago
Check out my first Blurb Book!

Buddha's Book

nikant Posted 13 years ago. Edited by nikant (member) 13 years ago
just finished my first one..! thanks for looking :)

Building Site, as listed under Fine Art Photography
m I m 13 years ago
My Book: A bug called shutterbug

With a bit of effort and late nights I have compiled a book - A bug called shutterbug it is a photography book.

Have a look.

Book Title: A bug called shutterbug.
Subtitle: Biological eye vs. mechanical lens

You can preview the book here

Or directly here

Waiting to get it delivered......
skippyjon Posted 13 years ago. Edited by skippyjon (member) 13 years ago
52 Weeks: A Tale of Passion and Deception or the Quest to find some Wicked Ideas One Week at a Time

I compiled a book from my 52 weeks project (52 self-portraits, one per week). All of the photos included are also here on flickr. :)
albireo 2006 13 years ago
☯ AnA oMeLeTe ☯ 13 years ago
This is my book from Blurb, Life Passing By.
It's full of black and white street photos, on Lisbon town (where I was born and raised).

It's the first one I made and ordered, and I am really satisfied with the paper and printing quality..

Thanks for watching! :o))
disgusted airplane [deleted] 13 years ago
LA1980: a photo memoir
follow the link for a 15pp preview.

64pp. Available in soft- or hardcover.

This is a look at a now-vanished Los Angeles; skaters, punks, rock-climbers, drummers, gay-pride, Hare Krishnas, muscle-cars, and Moderne landmarks.

In 1979 there were still vacant lots on Wilshire Blvd in the Miracle Mile, Beverly Hills had the Wonder-Bread Bakery on Little Santa Monica Blvd, and a noticeable number of buildings still had 1920’s signage intact.

If Melrose Ave was coming into a hip incarnation, Beverly Blvd was still where upholsterers worked in blank-front buildings. The Farmer’s Market on 3rd St. was somnolent, and the dinosaurs at the George Page Museum were surrounded only by seeping tar.

The original color negatives were shot between 1979 and 1982. They haven't seen daylight since their creation.
bip-bip2006 13 years ago
My very first one is about travels Asia
Let's have a look here :
Impressions d'Asie Impressions d'... Asia 2005-2008 By Vero Alisier Make a photo book with Blurb Book Preview
mbmanray 13 years ago
Hey, until today I didn't realize there was a Blurb Group here at Flickr ! Great - So here is the link to my 1st Blurb Book:

If you enjoy contemporary art and hard abstraction you might like it. I'm just about done editing an Expanded Edition which should be available soon. It will feature a new cover and include many new images. I'll post a mock-up of the new cover at my Flickr page to announce it within the next few weeks. My Flickr link is:
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