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aparkerw 7:57pm, 21 January 2008
Have a book you've made, post the blurb link here and share it with everyone.

Just finished mine:

* NOTE- when posting your link, makesure it is to
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Mira Fall 12 years ago
I've done two, the second one's not photography though.
loricherokee 12 years ago
This group is getting very strange. Not too many people seem to be posting books-think it might be because the Reply box is 5 pgs away? I posted my new book in a new post on first pg but don't know if anyone has seen it. Any comments appreciated.
Leo Reynolds Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 12 years ago
coffee table


closeupking Posted 12 years ago. Edited by closeupking (member) 12 years ago
my mind must have been a blurr bbb yesterday. i should have posted here instead of starting the new topic...sorry. ..included, 80 close-up portraits of celebrities, life-like, not glamourized...guaranteed to put a smile on your face! thanks!
if this link doesn't take you to the preview, this one will...
The Maclac Show 12 years ago
Well, I've made the plunge and created my first Blurb photobook. Went for the 10x8 landscape version with the image wrap.

here is a link to the preview:

It's really just a kinda portfolio of stuff I've captured and created (with a bundle of family shots in the final section). I split it up into Acts like in a movie along with a prologue story to fit the "The Maclac Show" tv show kind of title.

The photos dont follow the story just a bit of fun.

Anyway, I await delivery and hope it plays as well in book form as some of the rest of the groups efforts.

hildeinantwerp 12 years ago

this is my first book. all excited... waiting for delivery now....
wkmpellucid 12 years ago
Check out my Blurb book - Rite of Passage -
EmilyKayMeadows 12 years ago
I work at Philips Crab House in Ocean City, MD I made this book from scratch, no templates involved. I modeled it after a high school yearbook and am very proud of it, I did every page and took 98% of the pictures. Thanks for looking!
Shawn Woods 12 years ago
Wild Africa Photobook - 160 pages at a great price!

Here's a link to my book: (refers to Blurb)

Africa Safari Sample Elephant by Shawn Woods

I just updated the cover and brightened photos after the first run was a little dark. 12 years ago

My second book - Past & Present of the RAAF

Comments welcomed!
pablo hw 12 years ago
My first and second book.
Fotografías Volumen I.
Semana Santa.
I hope you enjoy them.
Andrash75 12 years ago
My last book... a shocking visual journey through the drama of alien abduction. It comes from a real experience.
*Olivier is still there, and still busy. :D Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *Olivier is still there, and still busy. :D (member) 12 years ago
The first book i've ever prepared within blurb. I'm a bit afraid of the final result as i usualy prepare my files for Swop & offset prints ...

Here it is so ... made for some my family's gifts.

But it seems there a problem with the cover in the preview ... Any body else tested the same ?
DWRowan Posted 12 years ago. Edited by DWRowan (member) 12 years ago
Well, mine is just a family scrapbook, but I think that I managed to make it look a little "different".
I designed all the pages in Photoshop and uploaded them as single, full-page images. Its kind of noisy and cluttered, but for a scrapbook I think that's OK.
I think it would be weird if anyone outside my family bought it, but you're welcome to look at it for ideas.
I suggested to Blurb that they create a separate category just for "Scrapbooks" or "Albums" so that they wouldn't clutter up the "photography" category. Since scrapbooks are the most common type of book people make, and I don't think they really fit in any of the others.
loricherokee 12 years ago
Oliver-You should contact Customer Support. The cover in Preview before you click on it looks perfect. When yu click on it to open book it looks like it's an imagewrap cover where the photo wasn't put in right place to account for the stretching. However, you appear to be offering a hardcover w/dust jacket which wouldn't be stretched. I've never seen anything like it & it would appear to be a Customer Service problem. It's a nice book otherwise. Your family will love it. Good luck w/the cover.
loricherokee 12 years ago
DWRowna -you're link isn't working. Could be problem w/Flickr because it does look correct.
DWRowan 12 years ago
I just messed up the html. The link works now.
tomgardner Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tomgardner (member) 12 years ago
Well, I finally made one! You can see it here, though note that this link is to a version that I now call obsolete. I ordered it to take advantage of a 30% off code, then almost immediately found some minor errors (of course!). I've uploaded a corrected version, which is linked to, but it will disappear 15 days from upload unless it is ordered. Needless to say I will not be doing this until I get my hardcopy and am happy with it.

I did write to customer services and suggest they implement a 'Replace my Book' feature, so that modified versions can replace the old one without the need to re-order it to make it permanent, and they said "This is a great idea. I will pass it around Blurb HQ and see how we might be able to act on your suggestion." So, we'll see if anything happens...
Rene Collin 12 years ago
HI everybody
here is my first book of black and white film photography...
I hope you'll enjoy...
The Great Mystery The Great Mystery By René Collin Book Preview Photo book
marc von martial Posted 12 years ago. Edited by marc von martial (member) 12 years ago
Got the proofs in today :)

Here is mine, on the jewish graveyard in my neighbourhood:
Jüdischer Friedhof / Jewish Graveyard Bonn Castell Jüdischer Frie... By Marc von Martial Book Preview Photo book
Hi Blurb people

I have completed my first photography book on my travels of India entitled 'The Traveller / India' hope to eventually produce a series on different countries.

I have a couple more ideas including one on abstract architecture called 'Shapes, Lines, Curves' which I hope to produce very soon.

All the best!

"(freddy)" 12 years ago
aqui os dejo mi primer album-book de BLURB!!!
Fabrizio Zago - Photography and media Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Fabrizio Zago - Photography and media (member) 12 years ago
My new book, Some days in Copenhagen

Some days in Copenhagen

Some time to spend off? Is a low-cost airplane ready to take you away? A bit of rest out of the beaten track? And then? What to do in the so long-awaited destination?
Every journey has a beginning and every series has a first book. “Some days in Copenhagen”, Denmark’s capital full of charm, is the first step of our travel through the most interesting cities and places of the world, among enchanted castles, heavenly gardens and fairy-tale landscapes, under the careful glance of the Little Mermaid. All this admired through the lens of my camera, just to give you a hint of several tourist attractions of one of the most fascinating European cities.

Lang. English, Italiano, Deutsch
Nate Houle 12 years ago
Book with quotes explaining what goes through my mind when I see my own photography.

Record Record Photography By Nate Houle Photo book Book Preview
emorpi Posted 12 years ago. Edited by emorpi (member) 12 years ago
My book dedicated to Maiolati Spontini a little town in Marche - Italy

Il mio libro su Blurb - My book on Blurb
Sarah Mawdsley Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Sarah Mawdsley (member) 12 years ago
I have created a book on behalf of BTBuddies, profits to be donated to the charity.

With Hope in Our Hearts With Hope in O... By Book Preview Photo book
lindawoods Posted 12 years ago. Edited by lindawoods (member) 12 years ago
My new book
Meeting In The Ladies Room: Reflections Of Women In A Room Of Their Own

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What do you think about when you are alone?
What's the best ladies room you've ever been in?

Whether you are an idolized celebrity or a struggling single mother, the ladies room is where you create your make believe, and where you face your reality. Join 68 brave women from around the world for an empowering look in the mirror and a meeting in the ladies room.

Featuring Jann Arden, Amanda Palmer, Rosie O'Donnell, Jen Foster, Sarah Bettens, and SHeDAISY
strong top [deleted] 12 years ago

I made my first book with Blurb and it turned out fabulous!
I am presently working on a few more. I love Book Smart, so easy to do!

If you want to have a look it's here:

~ Gabriela ~
tomgardner 12 years ago
I just made my first book as a 12" square on premium paper and it came out very well. Colours, saturation and density are all pretty spot on despite not resizing any of the images prior to dropping them into 4-to-a-page boxes.

You can see a full preview here

"My new book" by tomgardner [?]
My new book
nickphotos 12 years ago
Ended up rushing this, and didn't have time to add much text - but hey!

My Images of India My Images of I... By Nick Blackman Book Preview Photo book
private collection private collec... Fine art erotica on... By edward olive Photo book Book Preview
mandarinki 12 years ago
Got my first book, I'm very pleased with blurb and will definitely use this service again. My first book is a collection of pictures from my mountain hikes of 2009. I took some pictures of the book:

and the full preview is here:
João Pedro Neves 12 years ago
Life in B&W Life in B&W By João Pedro Neves Book Preview Photo book
adamwilson 12 years ago
Got ours back just in time for Christmas

Blurb Cookbook
Rocking_robin 12 years ago
Last one I made was a travel book.
All photos shot with the Diana+ camera in Myanmar.
Perfect camera for such an analog country!
say hype! 12 years ago

Hes my first paid (ofsorts) one!
.RayPG. 12 years ago
Here is my first one, well I hope to get a least 1 copy purchased :p

you can see more photos of the book inside this photo :D

My Blurb Japan Book (by RayPG 2.0)
matranson 12 years ago
I have just put a revised edition of my book up. Its called Rooftop To The Wild Things and is a collection of photographs I made whilst traveling across Asia.

My new book
dirtyharrry 12 years ago
street theatre street theatre By charalampos kydonakis Book Preview Photo book
aparkerw 12 years ago
My latest blurb book order. Galapagos:

One more for Peru coming shortly.
Matt Niebuhr Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Matt Niebuhr (member) 12 years ago
Portraits: Faces and Profiles of Utility First Draft

Untitled [Barn, North elevation, Cherokee County, Iowa]

More photography work here:
gmpicket 12 years ago
The Rehabilitation of Avenue J The Rehabilita... Demolition By gmpicket Book Preview Photo book
JeDi58 12 years ago

Peru: The Land of the Incas

JeDi58 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by JeDi58 (member) 12 years ago

Europe: The Short Way Round

polaroid-girl 12 years ago
simoputz 12 years ago
Hi !

this is my first book.....
chutney bannister Posted 12 years ago. Edited by chutney bannister (member) 12 years ago
MSHennessy 12 years ago
Freedom's Fortress Freedom's Fort... Vincennes' History... By M. Shawn Hennessy Book Preview Photo book
closeupking Posted 12 years ago. Edited by closeupking (member) 12 years ago
just got my 1st 12x12 portfolio book, and i'm thrilled with it.
look at how much larger it is than the 8x10 size,...i think the difference is amazing! Bigger is Better!
closeupking Posted 12 years ago. Edited by closeupking (member) 12 years ago
compare 8x10 and 12x12 books
I just have to say I never knew that size could make this much difference... for the first time i'm seeing my work displayed as i had always envisioned, in a large coffee-table size book format...much more to come. ...well done Blurb, thank you! David
Dwro8ea 12 years ago
Ross Harper 12 years ago
My first book. Very happy indeed.

My Blurb Book Arrived...

No blurb link, as it's just a personal one :)
@fotodudenz 12 years ago
My first book! Yay!

4 Days in New Zealand (by fotodudenz)

4 Days in New Zealand by Matthew Robert Joseph
Fatma S. Al-Qallaf Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Fatma S. Al-Qallaf (member) 12 years ago
M Y V I S I O N is my first blurb book:
My baby's been finally delivered... by Fatma S. Al-Qallaf

Category: Fine Art Photography
Penny Haviland 12 years ago
My first Blurb Book! "Bright Ideas"
broken egg [deleted] 12 years ago
Serene Scenery

A Natural Beauty

Alangreig 12 years ago
This is my first book with Blurb, about the city I love:

New York City Connections New York City ... By Alan Greig Book Preview Photo book
Che-burashka 12 years ago
In the Tube In the Tube Travel and people ... By photos by Ekaterin... Book Preview Photo book

It is my third book with the Blurb and i liked the experience and the efficiency of the service. I am thrilled to try larger sizes though;-)
Carlos Esteves TOP Photography Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Carlos Esteves TOP Photography (member) 12 years ago
TOP Wheels

I invite you to participate in my new album release entitled TOP Wheels.

TOP Wheels is about a Journey. It's about a lifetime spinning Journey.

Wheels are the main subject of the album used as an allegory element for narrating the Story of our lives. Wheels are presented in 432 photographs captured around six different perspectives.
Each picture is also captioned by a figurative interpretation that invites your imagination to go well beyond its first look.

Will you joined me in this Journey?

Carlos Esteves
fernandoforeroart 12 years ago
Hello, this is my book of illustration.
and this is the link to the book

*Susan K* 12 years ago
My first Blurb publication - a great gift for the special women in your life

Cover - Blessed Are These Hands (2010) by *Susan K*

On @

Website @

Join us on Facebook @ 12 years ago
Angelo Giagnacovo 12 years ago
MarkyBon 12 years ago
Over at the Utata group we finally got around to turning one of our big annual projects into a non profit book. The results were pretty stunning and we're very proud of our first publication.

THE UTATAN THE UTATAN Editor's Choice By Utata Photo book
Jing Theory 12 years ago

a year long sojourn

find accompanying notes on

a good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving
- laozi

Photobook: Displaced

displaced by jing gao | BOOK INFO
knowtomorrow 12 years ago
Jim Cim Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jim Cim (member) 12 years ago
Blurb asked me for permission to print my book for in house use to show clients the way the BookSmart technology can be pushed to best advantage, so I am assuming my book came out good : )

Here is my mother-in-law enjoying her Mothers Day gift of all her family photos in a custom designed album.

MomDay 4

MomDay 2
productive insect [deleted] 12 years ago
This is my first book:
Alex Coghe Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Alex Coghe (member) 12 years ago
Hi guys, here my self published mexican scrapbook:

It's all realized with panasonic lumix lx3 shots in Mexico City.

It's a reportage and feelings book of my mexican experience.

MEXICO, a scrapbook

is here:

The preview:
alan_f 12 years ago
Hi, this is a book I made as part of my college photography course.

Making Worlds
franciscophile 12 years ago
trAvelpig 12 years ago
hi, i made my first blurb book as part of a photobook class at college.

my first blurb book!

there are actually two versions of the book.
you can preview the black version here and the white one here.
Justin Brice 12 years ago
Created a book for my mum, scanned in my Grandfather's photo album from his days in Egypt during the First World War, she was chuffed to bits...

Egypt - Palestine 1915-1918 | Justin Brice | Biographies & Memoirs
Frederick George Ernest Gardiner, A chance to preserve and share my Grandfather’s old photo album originating from his days in Egypt during the First World War., April 3, 2010
image freak 12 years ago
Hi everyone. Here is my latest book if anyone is interested in looking. My books are really personal to me, but up for sale should friends, or anyone wish to buy one and so I can show them to people who have an interest.
Surely Not 12 years ago
Just ordered my very first book....really excited to get it now!!

nksyoon Posted 12 years ago. Edited by nksyoon (member) 12 years ago
I've just published a new book through Blurb - "Where I went, what I saw" - a collection of pictures taken during my travels over the past 5 years in places such as Istanbul, Cuba, Sicily, West Cork, Nicosia, Berlin and Cairo.

Cover of my new book
jham107 12 years ago
Hello, here's my first book and would like to know what you think!
Julie ..

Expressions of Time Expressions of... Photographic Images By Julie Hamilton Photo book Book Preview
Time to try Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Time to try (member) 12 years ago
Great to discover this group....this my only attempt at a Blurb Book but very impressed with the results.

It shows the results of a short visit to New York.


Time Square
Aonghais MacInnes 12 years ago
Just got my book, I have to say it looks really nice. I ordered an 8 x 10 landscape, with the premium paper.

The colors are very close, my laptop monitor is calibrated to the extent that it can be. I'm impressed.

I think next book (and I'm planning on a next book) I'll spend more time on cover/ font/layout etc. Of course, that isn't Blurb's issue, its mine!
My first go at a book :)

Focused on Urban Exploring derelict & abandoned buildings up and down the UK.
Nrgibbs 12 years ago
I made this book last year.
~Jek~ 12 years ago
pumped rail [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pumped rail (member) 11 years ago
joto25 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by joto25 (member) 11 years ago
loricherokee 11 years ago

My 5th Blurb book on our cruise to Alaska just arrived & it's perfect. I can't find any problems w/it. The wrap-around cover came out well & all the photos are clear & bright. I don't know where it was printed but it was shipped from St. Louis. Comments welcome
absorbed respect [deleted] 11 years ago
The Kumbh Mela in India is the world's greatest gathering of human beings.

Millions of people got to Haridwar at the beginning of the year to bath in the River Gange.

differently on any other book you will find on the Festival this focuses on the people travelling throughout India to get there, not the sadhus, babas, holy men... just the silent majority that make this an out of this world event.

preview it here
Modified Enzyme 11 years ago
here it is! wasnt sure if i should have the preview show the whole book or not? Opinions welcome :) 11 years ago
Manali Leh Drive

a landscape adventure into North of India .
available bird [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello, my book isn't a photo book - but it is a Blurb book. Perhaps it will be of interest to some of you - especially if you have a preschooler in your life :)

Alex Coghe 11 years ago
Hi guys, here my self published mexican scrapbook:

It's all realized with panasonic lumix lx3 shots in Mexico City.

It's a reportage and feelings book of my mexican experience.

MEXICO, a scrapbook

is here:

The preview:
kartagraphics 11 years ago
isneta Posted 11 years ago. Edited by isneta (member) 11 years ago
Patricia van Sinderen Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Patricia van Sinderen (member) 11 years ago
My book about my trip to New Zealand is about 420 pages and it is heavy! But it is absolutely beautiful, I love it!

Blurb book side2 by Patricia van Sinderen

Blurb book 7 by Patricia van Sinderen

Blurb book side by Patricia van Sinderen

My first Blurb book by Patricia van Sinderen

Blurb book 2 by Patricia van Sinderen

ethempekin 11 years ago
electra-cute 11 years ago
I have one Blurb for Good book just released that is doing quite well so far. 100% profit goes to Pandas International. The books focus is mainly photography of pandas but also contains many of my original panda artworks. I am a legally blind photographer and artist.

Blindspot by Sandra Miller

Another thing I did to sign the books was to sell customized and signed bookplates on my regular website. I have sold almost as many bookplates as I have books, practically doubling my profit for the pandas!


Shoot New York City Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Shoot New York City (member) 11 years ago
Hello everyone!
I have just published by second Blurb book. I am very happy with it. It turned out better than the first book.
coney island blues - photography by leanne staples

coney island blues by photography by leanne staples | Make Your Own Book
dirtyharrry 11 years ago
black & white candids black & wh... By venustreet Book Preview Photo book

Featuring alphabetically:

R.M .Johnson
L.Knežević - Strika
JB. Maher
M.Martínez Rodríguez
J A Mortram

Front cover original photo © R.Viglasky , 2010.
Photos curated by C.Kydonakis.
calong2009 11 years ago
new book published today - check it out plus my other 3
mcshots 11 years ago
heres a book i put together just today:
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