eddyizm 5:15pm, 13 December 2013
and adding noise.grain to all images, some worst than others. I opened a ticket and they sent me the photo guidelines. LOL I sent a screenshot with a comparison and I asked that perhaps it was the software. Very disappointing and even worse customer service.

Check out the screenshot

And from googling and reading here, it looks like this problem (bug) has been around for over 6 months and not a single decent response or answer or explanation much less a software fix. Something with the compression or the conversion.

Please help~!
karenmccann511 7 years ago
Is your screenshot comparing a photo uploaded to flickr with the same photo as it shows in the "Preview"? Or are you looking at the actual ebook instead of the Preview?
I believe that the Preview is made low-res deliberately, since it's just for advertising your book.
It's almost a year later but I hope you're still replying ...
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