ROB LAVERS PHOTOGRAPHY 6:08pm, 16 January 2021
I am preparing my first photo book using bookwright and a number of the uploaded colour photos have a distinct magenta cast compared to the originals. There is some discussion here about printed b/w images in the books with this issue but is it a problem with the software? I have replaced these after adjusting in Lightroom but the feedback and reported issues here have me wondering whether to proceed.
Magenta and cyan are the colors that can easily overtake an image in the CMYK process. Adding more yellow can help. But before you try that, check to make sure your monitor is properly calibrated, and make sure your images are using the blurb icc profile. I use Adobe InDesign that allows for calibration of various color profiles. I am not too familiar with Bookwright, but check to see if it offers that option.
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