proud egg [deleted] 12:41am, 14 May 2011
There really are some very talented photographers in this group here, we never really get a large moon here, but you've all shown me some great ideas.

Thanks all
itchy flock [deleted] 11 years ago
Dear Chris . If you want to try some shots through a scope look at the Skywatcher 80t . You can couple it to a Digital S L R with a T mount adapter. It is small and fairly light ,has 2 eyepieces and a prism that allows you to view terrestrial objects as well. You don't need a complex mount , it goes on a normal good quality camera tripod . I have one and i think its great , and with the T adapter should cost around £100. My photo Lunar perigee was imaged with this set up.Hope this is of use to you . Kind regards,Paul
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