DaniCivic 2:45am, 21 September 2013
I tried to do HDR with the full moon but found that the shot needed to expose the background correctly led to a moon that "bled" i.e. was larger than the shot of the moon correctly exposed. I am using LR Enfuse in Lightroom to blend images. Any tips? I don't know Photoshop but perhaps that's what I need for this type of photo.
The Saffa 8 years ago
hmmmmm.....May I ask why you want/need to do HDR on the moon - as it's a very, very LOW dynamic range subject.
I can't think of any instance where any camera's dynamic range is exceeded with the exposure range from the moon?
gordeau 8 years ago
Don't forget that the moon travels quite quickly so it is likely that the time to take your exposures will result in a blur to the moon. You might try removing the sky from your hdr image and replacing it with a non-hdr image. You will have to figure that out for yourself.
Ryukyu Kingdom 8 years ago
1 raw file in the latest version of Photomatix might work; the software takes one picture and converts into three with different exposures and it lloks the same as if you'd actually bracketed 3 shots.
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