blind_manuel 11:23pm, 23 March 2014
Hello everyone!
I've got a Rokinon 500mm f/8.0 Lens w/ 2x Converter that I use for photographing the Moon.
My problem is that my Tripod floats and cannot hold the weight of the Camera and Lens when aimed at the Moon.
I'm using a Velbon T-3500 Tripod, yes it's a relic, and definitely need to replace it.
Any recommendations? Thanks!! =)
jiggumbob 8 years ago
I just purchased a *great* tripod that didn't break the bank, made by MeFoto. I got the "Road Trip" that will hold 17.6 lbs, enough for my DSLR and heaviest lens. They have a beefier model if that isn't enough.

They are aluminum, but still super light, come with a ball head, have one leg that converts to a monopod, come with ground spikes, have a hook to add stabilizing weight and flip around so you can mount your camera inverted if you need to be super close to the ground. If that isn't enough… the Road Trip is under $200 and the heavier model is just over. Oh… and they come in 12 different accent colors… What's not to love.
blind_manuel 8 years ago

Ooooooo. They sound like what I'm looking for! Thanks!!
trite business [deleted] 8 years ago
hi, i have also 800mm samyang lens and 2x conventer and it is very hard to focus at moon without good tripod. the easiest nd cheapest way is to use 2 tripods. 1 for camera and second you can with some bottles or something creativ adjust to your lens to hold it. have fun an more good fotos.
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