Dionne the Tea Priestess 1:21am, 1 April 2006
Greetings all~

I've just started taking pictures of my american bento so I was glad to see a group of folks with my obsession! I've been using my laptop lunchbox since last September and couldn't be happier! Please pardon the poor quality of pictures...I desparately need a new digital camera.
nicoteena 16 years ago
No need to apologize for that!

But a tip (that you may or may not already know) for taking pictures is to make sure you have plenty of light. Natural light is best -- near a window or something.

ficbot 16 years ago
There is also a laptop lunchbox flickr group. I am on that one, and this one, and some others. Welcome!
Thank you for the tip nicoteena~natural light is hard to come by in my home surrounded by trees and thanks also for the other group info Ficbot!
Amy-bamy 16 years ago
Welcome Tea Priestess, fellow owner of not so great digi camera!
Your laptop lunchs look yummy :)
veggiekitty 16 years ago
I also have a problem getting enough natural light for my pics... thus the insane amount of flash lighting used making it uber bright.
JustCallMeViv 16 years ago
Welcome! Look fwd to your pics! :)
dothetrucker 16 years ago
I want to start packing bento lunches...but what do you pack in them? I dont know how to make the rice dishes and such, so is there a website with info on it? thanks
ficbot 16 years ago
Not everyone packs sushi and stuff. Check out some of mine, I pack mostly wraps, salads, leftovers. Also (which is the lunchbox I use) has some great ideas on their website.
dothetrucker 16 years ago
I gotcha! I just meant I really enjoy that sort of food but dont know how to make it!! ;DDD
dothetrucker 16 years ago
oooohhh your lunches look yummy! :)
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