aoitenshi 1:11pm, 13 April 2006
Hi peeps. My friend and I dropped by one of the Japanese grocery stores here, and we were a bit overwhelmed by the number of furikake choices. What would you say is your favorite flavor? We were scared to just pick one off the shelf. ;)
nicoteena 16 years ago
I've been meaning to go to the store and buy some. I'm glad you posted this cause I didn't even realize there were different flavors!
aoitenshi 16 years ago
I only found out there were different flavors when we went to the store and there was a whole shelf of them!
veggiekitty 16 years ago
I always get:
nori fumi furikake (, sugar, salt, sesame seeds
yasai fumi furikake ( seeds, carrot, spinach, pumpkin, celery, potato starch, sugar, salt, and nori
aoitenshi 16 years ago
Those sound really good! I'll check the stores if they have those kinds. Thanks!
BeingWanderLust 16 years ago
I get the vegie ones (yasai) with red bits (pimon) in it. I steer clear of anything fishy or meaty.
aoitenshi 16 years ago
Interesting... I'll keep those in mind too, thanks!
munkaya 16 years ago
yasai fumi furikake is my favorite!
Amy-bamy 16 years ago
I just got a Nori Tama furikake that has nori, egg, soy sauce, sesame seeds, salt, sugar and pepper.

pretty good :)
aoitenshi 16 years ago
What's fumi? I'm listing all of these varieties down, thanks peeps!
Biggie* 16 years ago
"Fumi" is Japanese for flavor or taste.
cat.rigby 16 years ago
I picked up a sampler packet from when I was ordering other things.

I pretty much like it all, though spouse is going to go with non-nori mixes.
nicoteena 16 years ago
I bought a little tub of taberu togarashi because it had a little red chili pepper on it. It tastes really good, though I haven't had a chance to use it yet.
aoitenshi 16 years ago
Oh thanks for the info, peeps. My friend tried some salmon furikake but she said it was too fishy for her. I think I'm going with the veggie/spicy stuff for now before I try anything with meat or fish.
anivyl 16 years ago
well i bought a few to go with whatever i feel like going with :) mine has pretty much everything: salmon, bonito flakes, nori, black sesame, salt and pepper and i don't know what else - that's a little fishy btw.

the other one was nori tama mix...

my boyfriend prefers just the black sesame, salt and pepper + nori ones because the taste isn't too overwhelming then.... ^_^
amietron 16 years ago
You can buy assorted packs of individually packed furikake for about $4 in most asian markets. I would recommend trying one of those if you've never tried furikake before.

I like Mishima yukari furikake best.

♫ bunnychan εїз 16 years ago
the one with fish only is fantastic, and also I love the one with wasabi ^^
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