Where to?

veggiekitty 1:37am, 11 May 2006
Where do you take your bento? And why?

I take mine to school, high school senior(grad in 1 month!), to work, and wherever else I'll need a meal and don't want to deal with vile fastfood/non-vegfriendlyness(amusement park, library, ect...). Taking it is simply better for me as fast food makes me sick anymore and being vegan I like to know what I'm eating so packing my own food puts my mind at ease.
nicoteena Posted 16 years ago. Edited by nicoteena (member) 16 years ago
I take it to work, to save money.

And to try to save my future health.
anivyl Posted 16 years ago. Edited by anivyl (member) 16 years ago
well, i am broke, so bento was kinda the way for me to save my money :D i bring them to school for me usually.... and kind of just lap it up anywhere i feel like ^_^

i mean, really, university food isn't all that great. at best, they look like dog slops (ugh)
outstanding vessel [deleted] 16 years ago
I primarily take mine to work. I've always brought my lunch - the food is better, it saves time on my lunch break, it saves money, and it's better for the environment (my lunches seldom generate any trash). I've toyed with the idea of taking my own bentos to various outings (parties, meetings, etc.) so that I know that I will have good vegan food; haven't tried it yet, though.
Any where I want to eat food that I know where the ingredients come from! I'm especially liking to take them on my road trips.
cat.rigby 16 years ago
I take mine (and child's) to preschool where I work and she plays, church, playgrounds, visiting relatives... basically wherever I think it will be a long day with no vegan food in sight.
Sue N-B 16 years ago
I take mine to work, so I eat something healthy and don't have to waste time & money going out. My son takes his to school every day, and it makes me feel good to send him in with a nutritious, fun lunch.

Have also taken a snack-filled bento on a family hike.

There's a "garbage museum" at a recycling plant near us which has an exhibit and lots of stats on how much trash is generated by the individual packaging used in the average lunchbox - I'm glad we're not contributing to it!
aoitenshi 16 years ago
I take mine to work. I usually make bento when I'm broke and there's still a few days to go before payday. ;) It really saves me a lot of money - eating out is so expensive here.
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