luigiwu 4:07pm, 20 January 2007
I'm asking for future reference because I'm obsessed with this one box I saw on Cooking Cute! I love the simple wood-grain traditional design of it !! Where are more traditional boxes like this typically sold over there? I've scoured Ebay endlessly already...
Rei Rei- Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Rei Rei- (member) 15 years ago
Hi LuigiWu!

I did a quick look for you on and there are a variety Bento boxes.
I didn't buy it from there but I found the one I got for hubs! The only problem would be if you can't read Japanese? If you can't perhaps I or someone else here can help you.

I am going home for a month at the end of this week, but once I come back to Japan I might be able help you more to find what you are looking for, if you hadn't already =)

P.S opps I see some of those bento's from amazon can't be shipped out of Japan. sorry

P.P.S Not exactly what you're looking for, but just in case someone else was interested, this site sells pretty cute bento boxes.
amanky 15 years ago
simple apparatus [deleted] 15 years ago
Oh waaaa! I was looking at the Amazon Japan site (a few words can be seen in English) and none of them are available for shipping to the US. There are some cute boxes on there that I've never seen before, too. Too bad in all the time I had pen pals, I never had one from Japan. hehehe. Good luck on your search.
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Luigi, I first saw that design (or very similar) on eBay; so keep looking there and be patient.

And remember, as wise old Oscar Wilde said: "Look after the luxuries, and the necessities will take care of themselves."
jhitchin 15 years ago
A local Asian grocery store near where I live has started carrying various Hakoya bento boxes. If you have an Asian grocery in the area, you may want to check there as well.
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Jhitchin, please post the store name and/or address!
luigiwu 15 years ago
Hi guys! thanks for all the thoughtful input. I'm really looking for recommendations of ACTUAL PLACED IN JAPAN/TOKYO that sells the nicer bento boxes (not the Urara stuff.) My friends were just there and it looks like SO might be going there on business in a couple of months too! sooooo, if I can gather up a list of places - dept. stores? groc. stores? or ??? - I can have people check them out for me! :-)
sweethoneycomplex 15 years ago
Loft( and Tokyu Hands( should have a lot of them.

Also any big department stores should have some of them. My favorite department stores are Seibu in Ikebukuro( and
Sogo in Yokohama( It depands on where you are going...but if you are going to Tokyo, you should be able to find them basically anywhere(^-^).

¥100 stores should have them, too. Daiso( ) and Can-do( are big ones in Japan.
Morgaine Swann 15 years ago
Other than eBay, does anyone know of an American source?
Biggie* 15 years ago
LuigiWu> I think I saw this one (definitely Hakoya) in San Francisco's Japantown for about $29 (right, One More Bento Fan?). Same building as Moritaya (that sells mucho character bento boxes and accessories for TOO MUCH MONEY), but in the ceramics store near the Peace Plaza entrance.
heartbreaking invention [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi All,

We are here in Japan! The land of Bento Boxes! Please check us at and hope you will find our service useful!

Here are the search result for Bento Boxes on Yahoo Japan Auction

Here are some bento boxes on Amazon Japan,

Thank you!

My Bento Lunch 14 years ago
I live in Japan near Tokyo. I would recommend either Tokyu Hands or AVE store. AVE has a huge selection of bentos and supplies. But you have to go the dept store section, and not the grocery store. Some AVEs are just groceries. Also many Seibus have a good selection also. I love too, but they only ship here.
Food, Fash, Fit 14 years ago
I second Loft and Tokyu Hands! There are pics from the trip I took to Tokyo last year here, which show some of the shops you can visit (in Shibuya).
mps_angels 12 years ago
hihi, please visit for cute bento accessories
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