Biggie* 1:05am, 26 July 2007
They told me yesterday they'll be opening an online store in November 2007! Woo hoo!!! Details here at Lunch in a Box.
cchen7 14 years ago
dcdesigns 14 years ago
great news! i can't believe those eggmolds are two for 1.50
I've seen the set of four for 25 bucks on ebay!!!
my eyes have been opened!
alicial_77 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by alicial_77 (member) 14 years ago
Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!
Did I mention YAY?!?!?
Asu M 14 years ago
Wow this sounds cool!
However they will only ship in the US won't they...<_<
Biggie* 14 years ago
dcdesigns> eBay bento sellers can be a huge rip-off, right? This is why I'm excited about the IBK online store...

AsukaMiyu> No idea about where they'll ship -- more news as I get it.
pinwyl 14 years ago
This is wonderful news! There are no stores that carry bento gear out here (Western North Carolina). I can't wait.
ysetiawa 14 years ago
I hope they ship to Canada :(
dcdesigns 14 years ago
Yep, Biggie, I just got in the last bit of my bento stuff from ebay. Man, when I added up how much i spent I almost wondered if I should of just kept eating out! Can't wait for this store to open up!
Biggie* Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Biggie* (member) 14 years ago
I checked in with them today to see if they were still on schedule, and they tell me there's been a delay. We're tentatively looking at the end of the year now. Full blog entry here.
craftscout 14 years ago
This is probably a good thing, since I went a little overboard when I found those Dollar Tree HK boxes . . . . :) I am so running out of room for bento stuff! :)

That doesn't mean, of course, that I can't WAIT for this to open!! :)
amandasiemens 14 years ago
I too hope they'll ship to Canada!!!!
Biggie* 14 years ago
Ichiban Kan has announced a launch date of April 1, 2008 for their online store in their new blog, and there's a new Daiso discount store in Newark, CA (southern East Bay near San Francisco). Full details here.
Biggie* 14 years ago
Well, they debuted their online store yesterday at, with extremely cheap Japanese household goods and bento gear. Unfortunately their shopping cart function is offline for the next few days, but my initial review of the online store is here. (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Ichiban Kan.)
G uillotine 14 years ago
I am so unbelievably happy right now

everything is like a dollar!
bentolunches 14 years ago
Just placed my order!! The site is up and running! :~)
PhotoGeekGirl 14 years ago
Working on my order right now too! :0)
Biggie* Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Biggie* (member) 14 years ago
I just put together a list highlighting Ichiban Kan products for the bento maker.
punkinpie 14 years ago
Yes! I placed my order last night! So exciting.
understood dinosaurs [deleted] 14 years ago
I put my order in this morning (at like 5:30..) and I just got an email from them saying that they don't have one of the items I ordered. :(
I noticed that they ran out of some things pretty quickly but I thought.. *sniff* *sniff* Why me!?!
punkinpie 14 years ago
Oh, that is sad.
brash rice [deleted] 14 years ago
They did run out of things quickly. I looked at the egg molds at lunch time, and by the time I was home after work to order them, they weren't available! I'm going to wait a few weeks and let them restock after the first wave.
Goldenmoon77 14 years ago
they dont ship to canada?
amandasiemens 14 years ago
Apparently not :( I hope they do eventually though :(
whisperofsong 14 years ago
I noticed they restocked the bento boxes today and was all ZOMG GET ONE! But by the time I went to order they were gone! So sad....I was hoping to get my first bento box :(
susanparison Posted 14 years ago. Edited by susanparison (member) 13 years ago
yes... yesss... yessss wonderful really :)
comment posted by Tamron Lenses
iam.jenii Posted 13 years ago. Edited by iam.jenii (member) 13 years ago
OMG...I think I just bought one of everything on the site (a few weeks ago) I'm not at home right now so I'm ITCHING to get home and check my package (arrived a few days ago).

I can't stop looking through their site...*o* WANTEVERYTHING!
evanescent eyes [deleted] 13 years ago
they don't ship internationally :0(
Hare-Hare Sweets 13 years ago
I wish Ichibankan would sell onigiri cases (Not just those tiny ones that carry one) and those little wrappers that you wrap the onigiri in. They're so cute!
misterjackvarabei 11 years ago
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