stephrene78 7:03pm, 17 February 2008
I was at Target last night and they had pastel baking cups (cupcake size) in their dollar bins. Their dollar items are usually right at the front of the store. Look near the bargain Easter items. $1 for 6 cups. Great deal!
Goldenmoon77 14 years ago
i wish we had target here:S
economic mitten [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by economic mitten (member) 14 years ago
Thanks for the tip. I'm not big on pastel colors, but $1.00 for 6, can't pass that up. Especially since it's not a full dozen

*update* Just got back from Target (had to go out anyway) and I found them in the Dollar Spot area. I was able to get some light blue ones, which makes me happy. They also had pink and yellow. They weren't easy to find and I almost gave up, but I'm glad I took another look. I didn't expect to find them in a clear plastic box, though, which is how they're packaged.
ColleenM 14 years ago
Thanks! I had to go to two Targets, and snared the last set of blue.

I'm hoping to get the pink and yellow in a couple days.

Has anyone spotted any green?
katieg1096 14 years ago
I found the pastel cups last week and really like how thin and flexible they are. Hopefully Target will have other colors throughout the year as the holidays change.
ColleenM 14 years ago
My local Target finally got more of these.

Yes, there are green ones.

They are still in the $1.00 area just inside the front door.
ColleenM 13 years ago
Bumping this in case someone spots these again. Has anyone seen any for other holidays?
moosegrl_86 13 years ago
I didn't see silicon cups, but target has silicon heart trays for Valentine's Day. I guess they can be used for more than ice.
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