Mysweetside 9:25pm, 28 April 2008
Hi everyone, I'm tami and I'm fairly new to this "bento" addiction ! Seriously, i stumbled across a blog that was about bento lunches or dieting bento lunches (I don't remember) anyway, that turned into an automatic, I have to get my hands on some of this ! I went straight to ebay, where I spent about 4x the amount of the actual cost of the items I bought. (Learned a huge lesson there.) While waiting for my ebay purchases to come from Japan, I was going nuts. So I began to search through the internet for anything bento. I've read blogs, seen pictures , made lists of places everyone else was finding things. Then I began to look at EVERY store I went into for either bento things, bento boxes, small little foods for bentos . This has become a fun crazy but healthy addiction ! Which I'm sure alot of you can relate. Anyway, then I discovered japan town in S.F. , my hubby and I went there and that is where I found so many fun things at ichiban khan (hope I spelled it right, sorry if I didn't). I came home with 3 huge shopping bags ! Then I went this past weekend to Daiso ! Where I will go back to often . It's amazing how many bento boxes , supplies and bags they have there. I fell in love with it. Now my delima. I am trying to figure out how to organize my bad addiction.
Any ideas ? What do you do with your accessories, supplies, bentos, chopsticks, cookie cutters, and anything else I'm forgetting. I'd love to hear how you have made a bento station or cabinet in your kitchen ! Please share. i look forward to reading your ideas.
This Little Bento 14 years ago
Biggie has a good post on this topic, where she rounded up ideas from her readers: Lunch Gear Organization Event: The Round-up
FusionJosie Posted 14 years ago. Edited by FusionJosie (member) 14 years ago
this is one of the things i use :

bento tools
Mysweetside Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Mysweetside (member) 14 years ago
Thanks to both of you. Off to read biggie's website

After reading Biggie's website with all the great ideas on organizing bento stuff, I headed to target. I bought some great little shelf's with drawers and some wire baskets to hold bentos in my cupboard. My blog (is brand new) but I did just upload pictures of my organizing ! take a look !
bentolunches Posted 14 years ago. Edited by bentolunches (member) 14 years ago
I just uploaded photos of my obsession organization!! You can see them on my blog...
or in my Flickr photos. I just got everything organized recently and it has made a world of difference!!
Bento Mommy 14 years ago
WOW! you have good bento stuff in there!!
thumpersbunnie 14 years ago
I have a deep drawer in the kitchen just for Bento.

It has craft boxes for the small pieces and everything is stacked according to size. Extras are kept in a cabinet in my laundry room.

My bento boxes do double duty. I have a huge bulkhead above my cupboards. My bento boxes are on top of the cupboards for decoration.

Thanks to my father in law, I have a neat little stool to get them down.
mps_angels 12 years ago

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