for Joke! 11:39am, 20 May 2008
I am worried about toxicity levels in my plastic bentos. Anyone here have experience with non-plastic kinds? I am particularly curious about the Sigg Lunch Box, but open to other kinds!
snappiness 14 years ago
I have a metal tiffin that I use a lot and love. I got it at World Market for $10.
outstanding vessel [deleted] 14 years ago
I've used glass Pyrex storage containers with good results. They come in several shapes and sizes, and they are easy to find at places like Target.
veggiebento 14 years ago
Migration of plastic molecules into the food occurs mainly when it is heated in the microwave, at least that's my understanding. I'm being more of a purist and not microwaving my food. I heat the rice in the morning and cook the vegetables and then let them cool a bit. I do not refrigerate it, although I do have that option, but if it's room temp, then it's a lot easier handle eating it that if it's actually cold. If you must have hot food, then check out the lunch thermos jars that you can load with hot food and have it stay hot all day.
Felicea 14 years ago
My newest non plastic Bento is the Aluminium Mens Bento from J-List.

It is very beautiful, easy to clean, stable and my hubby loves it.

But you have to be careful with your fingers if you fill in hot food.
understood dinosaurs [deleted] 14 years ago
Ichibankan has the glass lock containers as well but I think they are out of stock in their smaller ones right now.
raffizack Posted 14 years ago. Edited by raffizack (member) 14 years ago
terrific apparel [deleted] 14 years ago
Felicea: funny. I'd be more concerned with aluminum in my food than plastic... ;)
My Bento Lunch Posted 14 years ago. Edited by My Bento Lunch (member) 14 years ago
Felicea- I can't believe JList is charging $38 for the Modern bento, I won't even say what they cost here, they must be making a killing on that site.
Felicea 14 years ago
My Bento Lunch: But I would be interested to know the difference ;-)
My Bento Lunch Posted 14 years ago. Edited by My Bento Lunch (member) 14 years ago
The cost is between $12 and $18 depending on where you get it. ^_~
uncle mike in knoxville Posted 14 years ago. Edited by uncle mike in knoxville (member) 14 years ago has glasslock

pearl river has stainless steel (go to this link and hit the next page button)
for Joke! 14 years ago
thanks guys - i like my food room temp too, so i wouldnt heat it up. I dont know, the plastic just, smells and feels funny. I like the steel boxes!
somana 14 years ago
i like the 2 and 3 layer tiffins from Cost Plus World Market. I paid about $11 for the stainless steel tiffin from there the 2 layer one was about $9. they are very nice and are economical.
Lucy's 10 Lives 13 years ago
i just received a three tier stainless steel tiffin for birthday and i am trying to think about how to pack my usual favorite lunch items without spoiling the food: frozen berries with yoguart, fried rice, chicken nuggets...
jspinc 13 years ago
According to several sources out there, the Clickty Click bentos are BPA/Lead free.
♫ bunnychan εїз 13 years ago
I have all plastic bento made in Japan and are not toxic at all
I can trust
I have also a wooden bento but is not comfortable because I cannot wash or i will destroy so I am using quite never
charlie_leone 13 years ago
i have glasslock, i stop using plastic bento becoz it will melt under high heat in the mircowave oven!! and some made in china or bad quality plastic bento plastic may be toxic, they are colored red green yello all sorts of colors, i am so affraid of cancer and toxins!!! i have stop using plastic for about more than 1 yr now! i just don't want to take a chance!!!
cmtigger1 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by cmtigger1 (member) 13 years ago
Personally, I think that the cancer scare is bigger than it really is- as this chemical has been around and in our bodies for decades. Also, we're getting better at diagnosing illnesses.

I do trust my bento boxes made in Japan, as they do have food safety standards there- I don't trust boxes made in china as much. I am seeing the laptop lunches and various metal tiffin tins around in the US more now. (though they seem big to me unless you're packing sandwiches and less dense stuff). Besides glasslock, you can get some small covered casserole dishes that would work for non-watertight bentos, I have one made by pyrex. They are heavy, though.

I don't microwave my bentos, there is too much of a line for the microwave at lunch.
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