Mysweetside 9:36pm, 7 September 2008
My daughter is having her 9th birthday party this coming weekend. On friday night it's a sleepover, and we're going to a football game. I am wanting to pack bento's to take along as a snack for the football game to save me some money. Does anyone have any great ideas ? Thanks in advance for your help !
What about your own version of 'lunchables'-slices of meat and cheese (use a the birthday girl's favorite one), favorite fruit (mini grapes are the current favorite around our house...) and since its a special thing pack a few mini chocolates or make mini cupcakes so that there's an individual 'birthday cake'. You could also do a few party favors in the bento bag (stickers, mini notebook/journal, lip gloss, etc)
Hope that helps get the conversation started!
ColleenM 13 years ago
Here's a previous thread about birthday party bentos
My Bento Lunch 13 years ago
Hi Tami,
I like the lunchables idea, you could cut them into fun shapes (maybe footballs if you have a cutter) Or just make mini football shaped sandwiches or burgers: ) Fruit is always good, and I love the mini cupcake idea. Do your kids like rice? Onigiri is a great portable snack.. football shaped of course, with nori laces.. ; P
Mysweetside 13 years ago
Oh that is a great idea. I love the lunchable idea and i know all the girls will like it. I'm not sure is all the girls like onigiri, or if they've ever had it. My daughter loves it though. I like the idea of the football sandwiches ! I think I'll go find a football cookie cutter today. THe mini cupcake will be too cute :) I appreciate everyone's ideas and help !!!
hezmanagirl 13 years ago
Plain onigiri should go over well. My daughter loves the teriyaki nori on the outside for some flavor - she's still not into having her onigiri filled yet.

You could make football shaped meatballs for the girls with interesting toothpicks like this...

Maybe even get brave with your bento and make green rice like the playing field.

I'm sure they'll have lots of fun with all the kawaii!
mxhashim 13 years ago
So how did the party go?
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