Crystallin 7:18pm, 27 October 2008
I'd love to hear tips and trips for making cute bento.

I've been finding that the metal piping tips are great for making circles of various sizes for eyes and noses. I'm tempted to mangle one to make the bear nose and mouths.

They are also useful as funnels to fill those tiny bottles.

texasmomof4 13 years ago
Thank you for the great tips, I've had a hard time filling the little bottles. I'm new to this so will be checking back for ideas and tips. My bento need help.
punkinpie 13 years ago
If you haven't visited yet then you should go there for tons of great bento tips. I have no affiliation. I just like the site that much.
ColleenM 13 years ago

That's Biggie's site, and she is very very cool. She pops in to this group from time to time to give us a heads up on various new things.

For anyone who hasn't visited her site, I'd suggest clicking that link and spending some time exploring.
Crystallin 13 years ago
I love her site too. She's great for quick bentos, but self-proclaimed non-cute bento maker (though I think her stuff is cute too!)

Any other tips?

I'm tempted to try a version of creating a whole "sheet" of layered eyes (whites, lashes, pupils) and storing them for quick faces. Just can't quite figure out how to keep them from drying out.
wingedegg Posted 13 years ago. Edited by wingedegg (member) 13 years ago
Aww man, I wouldn't have thought to use my piping tips as a cookie cutter. Great tip!

Here are a couple of mine: I use a regular 'ole hole punch from the office store to punch nori circles for eyes. Also I discovered that piped cream cheese works really well for details on savory foods. It can be tinted too.
Food, Fash, Fit 13 years ago
The best tip I have is to line your box with frilly lettuce leaves before you put anything in it. It's the ultimate way to make your bento look pretty and well packed. Looking at my bentos I can see a huge improvement on the way they looked after I started doing that. I don't make 'cute' bentos really, but it makes a huge difference no matter what your intention is. Plus it encourages you to eat your greens!
Bento Mommy 13 years ago
A great tip i've just learned from luckysundae

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