craftscout 12:25pm, 10 December 2008
So even though I am not planning on making any more orders for a while, I still love cruising Ichiban Kan and seeing what's in stock, what's new, and what they have planned.

So they ended up doing a limited time only gift basket of Clickety Click Boxes the day after I placed an order for mine. They still have them, it's one of each box in a single design (bear, bunny, or monkey) plus some goodies in a box ready to wrap with tissue paper inside. $17 I think.

Also, after a little downtime, they have totally reorganized their store and adjusted the way they look at what is going to go into it. After looking at their sales figures, Ichiban Kan realized (thank goodness!) that bento fans are their biggest market, and are planning on putting even MORE stuff in for us. They are not going to become a bento only online store (which is good, I like their other stuff, too), but it is nice to not have to slog through 11 pages of bento accessories when I am only interested in boxes (they are now two categories).

And as part of their new bento stuff, they have some Hakoya boxes! :) Cute ones (I want the hedgehog one) and more refined, less kawaii ones. They, of course, do go for quite a bit higher price, $15-$17 each. I have a Hakoya box, though, and the difference in quality is amazing!

Well, I figured everyone here would like to know, and I hadn't seen any posts about it yet. :)
viola.eats 13 years ago
I just made my first order on Saturday night and should be getting my goodies in the mail soon. $50 for all the beginner gear I could ask for, including 6 boxes (3 each for me and the dude)!
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