starryeye 1:13am, 18 March 2009
Hi all,

I'm a writer for the nonprofit Healthy Schools Campaign, and we're looking for people to enter a school lunch-related contest. I'm wondering if you'd be interested in participating, because (I'm guessing) you really appreciate the value of a beautiful, fresh healthy lunch. We'd love for you to enter one of your beautiful bento photos. Or write something, or enter a video. Share your triumphs: Have you made a healthy kid-pleasing bento lately? Share your horror stories: Was your childhood scarred by too much “spaghetti with meat sauce”? What was your child's school lunch like before you discovered bento boxes?

More info and a way to enter is here:

We’re spotlighting school lunches because The Child Nutrition Act is up for reauthorization in 2009, and we’re spreading the word about the importance of a healthy school lunch for all students. I know it might seem sketchy for me to post this to the forum without posting my own photos, but I thought this was a good fit.

Many thanks in advance!


Healthy Schools Campaign
mps_angels 12 years ago

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