FrenchBento 12:07pm, 23 April 2009
Hey guys!
I have a bento blog -in French I'm afraid - and in 2007 I wrote a post giving links to online stores, mainly ebay.
But things have changed a lot, news stores opened, other closed down.

I want to write a new post giving links to as many online stores possible, so if you feel like helping me and sharing your addresses?

-I'll link to the post when done (it will be in French but I can translate it to you, although links dont really need translation)
-I will definitively check out Biggie's links. Biggie, always a reference!

Thank you for your time!
silia2fr 13 years ago
ton blog est super
je l'ai mis en lien sur le mien
je débute en bentos
et toutes ces belles photos donnent envie
FrenchBento 13 years ago
the online shopping guide is.... online!
check it out there:

mps_angels 12 years ago

please visit
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