moosegrl_86 2:25am, 24 June 2009
I just read on live journal that the online store will be closing. Put in orders while you can! I'll miss you
marked connection [deleted] 13 years ago
Ackkkkk! NOOOOOOOOO! :-(
wingedegg 13 years ago
what??!!?? This is sad sad news.
My Bento Lunch 13 years ago
Today is the last day to place orders online : (
moosegrl_86 13 years ago
They close at 5pm today I already placed an order.
marked connection [deleted] 12 years ago
Does anyone know of an alternative online store? They were the best source for me. :-(
moosegrl_86 12 years ago
I don't know of any that are as cheap but here are a few other sites: I've never ordered from them some of their stuff is a bit expensive. Just ordered from here so I'm not sure about service.

There's always ebay. These are the sellers I've ordered from. Their pricing is reasonable and they have good feedback: sakura zakka shop, irrashai, shop sukiyaki and JstuffSale_dotcom. Bentos under the housewares tab. They recently started carrying bentos around $10 and up. I've never ordered from them but they have a small selection of boxes as well.

I'm not sure of any others. I think lunchinabox has an online guide as well.
Hare-Hare Sweets 12 years ago
I wish we could pay a local to shop and ship for us ^^
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