texasmomof4 2:57pm, 1 September 2010
We've just moved to Indianapolis and would love info from anyone in the area as to where you by bento supplies, quail eggs, and the like.
Thank you in advance,
euphoriadj 11 years ago
Goose Market on Delaware might have what you need.
bentolunches 11 years ago
I've tried this one ...
Saraga International Grocery‎ 3605 Commercial Dr, Indianapolis
There also used to be a little Japanese market on the north side of town - I'll have to see if I can dig out the info on it-
texasmomof4 11 years ago
Thank you! I'll have to check it out tomorrow! ;-)
texasmomof4 11 years ago
Thank you so much Steph! The neighborhood was a bit scary but they had everything I was looking for.
bentolunches 11 years ago
Good!! I'm so glad! I really liked that store. We go to the Indy 500 every May and I made my husband stop there last time! I can't for the life of me remember the little japanese store's name, but I'll keep hunting for it for you - it might not be there anymore. Also, if you are a steak lover, you HAVE to try St. Elmo's downtown. Pricey, but worth EVERY penny. I used to be a vegetarian, now I crave their steaks!!!
texasmomof4 11 years ago
Have you been to Weber grill downtown? They have a grilled prime rib that is to die for! I'll have to check out St. Elmo's. Was the Japanese store near Saraga? I was so excited when I saw they had fishcake and so many other goodies I've been wanting to try.
bentolunches 11 years ago
We haven't tried the Weber Grill, but it always smells SO good when we walk by...St. Elmo's...that's all I have to say about that!! :~) Just writing the name makes my mouth water! I think the Japanese store was Sakura Mart (Maybe??) - small, but nice selection of Japanese foods - I'm having a vague recollection of the name...The other one that you tried (Saraga) will probably have better prices, since it's a lot bigger. I bought some HUGE slices of pickled daikkon there - yummy! Had a hard time finding bento gear though...We're headed back there in May for the Indy 500 - it's the 100th running of the race, the 30th year my husband has gone, and he's turning 50! Should be a hell of a time!! We have quite a crowd coming to invade Indy! Also, if you haven't been yet, your kids would love the zoo - I've heard LOTS of great things about it!
roomy shop [deleted] 11 years ago
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christina.jacks 11 years ago
I have to recommend One World Market in Castleton! That might be the little Japanese market you mentioned. They have a big grocery section, frozen and refrigerated food, produce, some bento items, and a nice looking restaurant in the store.
texasmomof4 11 years ago
Thank you Christina I'll check it out.
slovakiasteph 11 years ago
Okay, took a trip to Indy today.

Sakura Mart-- has quail eggs. About a half-dozen bento boxes priced $15-20. Lots of great Japanese foods.
One World Market-- one bento box, $18. About the same amount of foods as Sakura Mart.
Asian Mart-- huge place! yummy food, mostly Chinese... like dumplings. bought some kamaboko here.
texasmomof4 11 years ago
Sakura mart was closed when I went by it was a tiny little place am I going to the right one?
texasmomof4 11 years ago
Saraga International Grocery‎ 3605 Commercial Dr, Indianapolis
has quail eggs, bulldog sauce, several different kinds of kamaboko, all sorts of freezer goodies and a huge produce section with dragon fruit and some of the harder to find items. They have items from all over the world and fresh fish and meat department as well.
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