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hedgiehog 9:32pm, 19 October 2010
Hello Everyone,

I am new to the group and am enjoying all the beautiful photos....such inspiration. I have been making bentos about a year and a half for my family. I just purchased a Mr. Bento about three weeks ago and have been experimenting an having lots of fun with it.

I am still trying to learn more recipes and how to be more creative with colours and arrangement. I'm sure I will learn a lot by spending time here.

Cleland Photography 11 years ago
Welcome to the group! I'm sure you'll get a lot out of the photos that are posted. I know I have. :-)
LSSHANKS 11 years ago
Hello Hedgie Hog and other members!

I'm new too. I have a lot to learn about bento making, as I've only been casually experimenting since August. It's sure fun to have an unusual (among my friends and acquaintances) but healthy hobby like bentos. Happy New Year!
Lefty8114 11 years ago
Hi to everyone!! I'm a lurker - I've belonged to this group for a while, but don't post any pics since I am not a regular bento maker (no job to go to, lol!) at the moment. However, I love to make bentos and tiffins for my daughter and sister whenever I get the chance and have become borderline obsessed with acquiring cute/functional/unique gear. I combine my love of bento containers and gear with the stylish functionality of stainless steel tiffin tins - omg! I love those things! Currently, I'm not-so-patiently waiting for my order from JBox that includes my very first Magewappa (Japanese cedar) style bento box. And for some strange reason, I am now in love with all things "penguin" as they pertain to bento gear - I now buy hot dogs JUST so I can make penguins! This bento love can take a person on some pretty strange rides! =)

Most of all, I love love LOVE to browse the wonderful pix on here and be inspired by not only the creativity, but the healthy ideas that seem to be in endless supply. Of all the hobbies that had to pick me, I'm glad this one did. ;0)
hedgiehog 11 years ago
Happy New Year bento friends! So glad to share bento obsession with you.
thelittlecloud 11 years ago

This group is my daily inspiration. Thank you very much!

Happy New Year!

pippa.bransfieldgarth 10 years ago
Hi there! I'm so glad you joined, this is a really friendly community. This article:
Has a good bit on the difference between a lunchbox and a bento- It's just advice I found really helpful when I was starting out condensed into bullet points. I hope you like it. :)

Happy bento making!! ^_^
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