This Little Bento 5:42am, 13 November 2011
Hi Everyone,

I took a hiatus from making bentos for myself and my husband when our son was born. Now our son will be turning 2, and starting a new daycare in January where I will need to provide his lunches. I'm looking forward to making his bento lunches, but I've never made them for a toddler!

Does anyone have tips for toddler bentos? My biggest question is what kind of bento-style boxes or containers are easy for a toddler to use?

(This Little Bento)
ColleenM 10 years ago
Who will be opening the containers? Who will be putting the containers back in the bag/box?

What kind of utensils is your child able to use? Who will see that the utensils stay with the container?

Before you even consider what foods your child likes, you need to see the practical details that he will have to deal with.

Then, let him help you decide what goes in to the lunch box. That will increase the probability of his actually eating the lunch you provide.

Finally, check out this blog, especially the earlier posts. Biggie started posting when Bug was quite young
This Little Bento 10 years ago
Thank you, ColleenM! We'll be visiting his new daycare a few times before he starts, and I'll ask the caretakers those kind of questions. It will be interesting to see what the other kids bring for lunch.
rachel gray 10 years ago
My three year old handles a Lunchbot just fine. I don't pack anything requiring a spoon, as a rule, so it's mostly finger foods. All of the bentos I make are for him. If you want to check out my photostream, I post what he takes to preschool every day (not trying to spam, I swear!).
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