foxylady13 2:19pm, 12 March 2013
Im in Brampton does anyone know of any bento supply retailers in my area?
veggie bento love 9 years ago
I'm in a very small town, and I use eBay for most of my bento accessory purchases. For a good-quality bento box, I would suggest - if the site loads in French, go to the top right and click to load it in English (unless of course, you can read French, in which case, don't worry!).

I also use regular food storage boxes - if they're shallower rather than deeper, they'll work nicely.
homtchr 9 years ago This is my favorite site to purchase bento boxes and supplies. There are also good deals to be had on Amazon - just do your homework. Collecting boxes and accessories is addicting - I've had to sell off most of my stuff because I simply don't have the room for it!
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