Vi.Lunchbox 3:12pm, 10 June 2018
Hello everybody!!
We are a group of 3 students from Rome and we are creating the most innovative lunchbox in the world: Vi Lunchbox is the is the first foldable lunchbox that fits into your pocket!
We are carrying out the project without money but with a lot of passion <3 for our work: talking with people around we saw that they love the idea of a foldable lunchbox, and their advice allowed us to improve Vi Lunchbox even more! So we wanted to know what do you think about it, not for spam or advertising, but only to receive feedbacks by you :)
And so, How many of you use the classic plastic bowl for lunch break? And how many of you hate having the dirty and bulky lunchbox in the bag all day long? Vi Lunchbox is the first lunchbox that, when you have finished eating, you can fold it and it fits into your pocket.
Do you have any advice for us?? Please let us know, and if you want you can find us on Instagram @vilunchbox, and feel free to contact us on direct :)
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