JustCallMeViv 10:19pm, 26 October 2005
Is anybody still out there???
lexvegas 16 years ago
i just joined...but it does seem pretty quiet.
elinar 16 years ago
Sorry, I neglect this group. But I still check in now and then to see new bento box pics!
JustCallMeViv 16 years ago
Oh Ok there is still life in this group.. I will be posting a new pic of a recent bento soon! :)
proud pizzas [deleted] 16 years ago
I just joined! I'm excited to find a group that likes to make bento like I do :)
nicoteena 16 years ago
I just joined as well. There is a lot going on at the Mr Bento group if anyone wants to check it out. It's not as traditional, considering we pack everything in a giant thermos-like bento but the concept is the same. ^^
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