lexvegas 11:07am, 1 November 2005
What is your favorite side dish, pickle or topping in a bento? I LOVE TAKUAN - pickled daikon radish.
JustCallMeViv 16 years ago
My fav side dish is most def kabocha! I really must try and make it on my own!!
OMBF / Obiwan Bento Posted 15 years ago. Edited by OMBF / Obiwan Bento (member) 15 years ago
Side dish: most any kind of vegetable saute or stirfry. I try to include at least two vegetable dishes in each bento.

Topping: many of my dishes don't need topping, but I generally go for ranch dressing.

Pickles: Aside from kalamata olives (well, those are sort of pickles) I make my own. They're lacto-fermented, so they're easy and extra healthy. I'm working through half a gallon (!!) of homemade pink sauerkraut, without much help from my family! When that's gone I'll put up another batch of nice crisp garlicky gherkins. I'm beginning to hanker for sliced pickled ginger, though.
Celladoor 15 years ago
I want to learn how to pickle things. I think my favorite side dish is cucumbers.
cloudswinger 15 years ago
Mine is kim chi. I made some a few weeks ago, but I don't have it down yet. I also made some pickled daikon, and cut it so I can make cutouts. And I have a gallon of pickled veggies, like carrots and stuff that I'm working through too, it was a little salty..
for Joke! 15 years ago
right now blanched asparagus.

Also snap peas with hummus.
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
samurai.fiction, check out Wild Fermentation.
atomic rose 15 years ago
My bentos are almost always picks and nibbles, so it's hard to differentiate between side dishes and main dishes... but one of my favorite thing is sweet potatoes, sliced up and baked as "oven fries" - the cold leftovers are oh-so-tasty in lunch the next day.

Toppings, I don't do so much. I always put furikake on rice. For veggies, I make a quick no-calorie dressing for dipping out of spicy mustard and a packet of Splenda, with a splash of water or rice vinegar to thin it. Anything else usually just gets a sprinkle of sea salt.

I'm all about pickles. Like one more bento fan, I make my own, typically using things I had kicking around in my garden. Right now I'm working through bunches of tiny dilled green tomatoes. Mmm.
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