She Who Shall Not Be Named 1:23am, 25 January 2006
Do you have any? Also, for those of you who use bento boxes that are not microwavable, do you just bring food that does not need to be reheated?

I'm curious about this...and where everyone gets their bento boxes from. :)
frykitty 16 years ago
Because some are microwavable and most aren't, I just assume they aren't so I don't have to worry about it. I just pack foods that are good cold.

My box sources so far: Jbox and the The Bento Store at eBay.

The Bento Store has lots of supplies too.
munkaya 16 years ago
If you want a microwaveable bento, I'd suggest looking for Lock 'n Lock containers. I also found some that are microwave safe at The Container Store - basically sectioned tupperware.
kzwa 16 years ago
The Lock n' Lock containers are also dishwasher safe and they can be tossed in a bag without spilling.

They're not as cute, though.
j7muse 16 years ago
Mr.Bento is microwaveable (but not the lids) and keeps hot foods hot if you pack them pre-heated. It's not dishwasher safe, unfortunately.
nicoteena 16 years ago
There are a lot of sellers on eBay with bento boxes and supplies but I think a good majority of them are overseas. I've only ordered from the Bento Store. I have heard good things about the Big Airplane, but it doesn't seem like their bentos are portable.
munkaya 16 years ago
I have a box from BIGAIRPLANE. Very roomy, but you need a furoshiki to hold it together, and it definitely would leak if not sitting upright.
nicoteena 16 years ago
I take my bento to school or work and I prefer not to have to be so careful. I'm forgetful so knowing me I'd throw it into my car or something and have it leak all over!
veggiekitty 16 years ago
Heh I used to use a box like that when I was little and ate sandwiches all the time, it's perfect sized, at least mine where.
Amy-bamy 16 years ago
I've gotten one of my bento's from e-bay, a woman who did great "ready to bento" kits. My other two I got from Mitsuwa Marketplace in NJ.
I have a Leaflet Tight microwavable box that I love...because most of the time I want hot food ^^
You can always try thebentostore....very nice, fast, and not too expensive :)
♫ bunnychan εїз 16 years ago
my bento boxes come from J-List and some of them are not microwavable, depending on the day I choose the bento I like and if is not microwavable to reheat the food i put the inside on a plastic dish and inside the owen then I reput inside the bento to eat ^^
veggiekitty 16 years ago
I now have three microwaveable ones though never microwave them, ;p
♫ bunnychan εїз Posted 16 years ago. Edited by ♫ bunnychan εїз (member) 16 years ago
I made a research if you want to give a look and found at J-List some microwavable and dishwashersafe bento and thet look so gorgeous, colour are so charming and dreamy
give a look at my discussion here:
amanky 15 years ago
ok... so I've spent the last two days pouring over info, people's thoughts, pictures, and the internet scouring for why to get which system...

and settled with the Laptop Lunch...

just ordered a complete set on ebay, and am eagerly waitign for it to come/ship/arrive...

(I got some fun bento-esque accessories to kick-up the adventure... *sigh* can't wait.

thanks for all your inspiration, and unknowing aide in this venture!
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