bento blog!

munkaya 12:29am, 9 February 2006
I'm starting a bento blog - not sure why I'm telling you all, since you'll be seeing pictures of all the bentos on here anyway! :) Just wanted to share.

Here it is: Cooking Cute
Great! I bookmark all the bento blogs I come across. Thanks for the heads up.
frykitty 16 years ago
Yay! The more bento blogs, the better. I also follow all the bento blogs I can find.
ficbot 16 years ago
What other ones are there? The only one blog I know with lunch photos is the lady.
ChooseAnother 16 years ago
Just visited your blog. It's great and it makes me hungry :-)
munkaya 16 years ago
thank you!

and ficbot - check the links to other bento blogs on my bento blog at
nicoteena 16 years ago
I just friended your blog; I'm on lj too, though mine's not a bento blog...
nicoteena 15 years ago
Now I have a food blog too! Come visit: fulfill me.

But as munkaya said, you'll be seeing most of the pictures here, too.
veggiekitty 15 years ago
I have my own blog too, started it before finding flickr and didn't want to stop though most the pics are posted here anyways...
Caryn_O 15 years ago
I have a bento blog as's not purely about bento..I also sometimes blog about something else.
This may also not be very good ^_^
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