lexvegas 8:46pm, 21 March 2006
hey are some links to amazing bento pics from various japanese websites. these photos are so much fun to browse through and admire.

view bentos by month (listed in english at the top of the page) here:

more cool bentos contributed by various people:

disney themed bentos:
(this blog has a lot more photos -- in the top right-hand corner there is a calendar and if you count three categories down, you can click the various links and view bentos organized by theme.)

miffy themed bentos:
(if you count three categories down on the left-hand side, you can view many other bentos by theme.)
Critical Sass 16 years ago
These are awesome! I am soo not that ambitious, though.
lexvegas 16 years ago
haha... i tried for about a week or so (see my photos) and then gave up. but i still love to admire other people's works of art.
JustCallMeViv 16 years ago
Sooo cute! If only I could hook my son up like that every morning... if only he would eat all that stuff, LOL!
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