munkaya 3:08am, 25 April 2006
Hi all! Just a quick plug/request. My bento blog (♥ Cooking Cute ♥) is now an affiliate of JBox and J-List. So if you're planning on purchasing something, I would love it if you click through me! Thanks!! =^.^=

I've purchased a lot of bento supplies from them and they've been great!
nicoteena 16 years ago
This is great! Now I can just come here for the link. If I bookmark it with your link, will that work?

Did you make the banners?
JustCallMeViv 16 years ago
Yes very cool.. what can we expect for shipping time? Ive never ordered from them before!
munkaya 16 years ago
nic: If you bookmark this link it should work --

An alternative is to bookmark my info page, which also has these linking banners:

And yes, I made the banners. The ones they had weren't completely bento-related, and some were kind of risque! ;)

cafe: Shipping time depends on which method you opt for. SAL takes 2-4 weeks, sometimes less. Airmail is faster (7-10 days) but more expensive, sea mail is slowest (4-6 weeks) but cheapest, and EMS takes only 3-4 days. EMS is expensive, but it is trackable and insured and I use this when the value of my order is fairly high. I believe shipping costs are calculated by weight.

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