proud pizzas [deleted] 3:33am, 23 May 2006
I have a newer model ( bout 2 years old at the most ) With all the bells and whistles. I want to assemble my bento in the morning, but making rice takes at least 45 min in my cooker. My question is... how long can you technifcally leave the cooked rice on "warmed" mode in the cookers... is it safe overnight? Has anyone tried it yet? I HATE refridgerating rice :P
Biggie* 16 years ago
I've found that overnight is generally okay, but the taste/texture starts to take a hit beyond that. If your rice cooker does have bells and whistles, though, does it have a timer? Then you can set up the rice cooker before you go to bed, set it to start cooking an hour before you wake up, and you'll have fresh, perfectly cooked rice waiting for you in the morning (like those coffeemakers with timers).
verdammelt 16 years ago
I have the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy from a few years ago and the timer is a great feature. You tell it when you want the rice to be done and away it goes...
JustCallMeViv Posted 16 years ago. Edited by JustCallMeViv (member) 16 years ago
I just bought a new Zoji 2 mos ago and have had it on warm no longer than 2 hours...however when I do refridgerate my rice and rewarm in the micro, I sprinkle a lil water on it, and it always comes out nicely... and soft!

If you have a timer (as mine does) have you tried that yet so you have it ready when you need it?
proud pizzas [deleted] 16 years ago
I will have to try and see if I can program the timer!! ( I'm bad at this stuff lol) Thanks for all the great hints!
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