Farmer Chelle 9:19pm, 27 May 2006
Is there a place that people are sharing recipes for some of the adorable foods in these bentos??
nicoteena 16 years ago
I always post my recipes on my food blog. My stuff is usually pretty simple, though.
outstanding vessel [deleted] 16 years ago
Yeah, the stuff I generally bring for lunch is pretty simple, too. I just have fun arranging it all in different ways. :o)
♫ bunnychan εїз 16 years ago
hello ! I have a japanese book all about bento food ^^
eventually I can copy some of the receipts here and open some discussion that everyone can read ^^
what do you think ?
Heck yes Yurippe! I'd love some new recipes to add to the ever growing collectin!
♫ bunnychan εїз Posted 15 years ago. Edited by ♫ bunnychan εїз (member) 15 years ago
hi Tea ^^
well I made a group about recipes just right now, tomorrow I will stat coping down the receipts from the book ^^
to find it look my own groups ^^ BENTO LUNCH BOX RECIPS
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