heylucy 10:52pm, 14 June 2006
I prefer brown rice, and made some onigiri with a handy little mold I got at the Japanese market. The only problem was that it was a little dry. Does anyone else use brown rice? Any ideas what I can do? I will try adding more water when I cook it, but I worry about it getting mushy.
St. The Mary 15 years ago
Have you tried adding something like rice vinegar to the brown rice?
I was told the short grain rices are stickier and more suited to these things. I don't know if brown rices come in different grain sizes, I've never looked. Sorry I'm not much help.
outstanding vessel [deleted] 15 years ago
I have not had much luck using short grain brown rice for onigiri, even though I was using brown "sushi rice" (according to the package). Even when I added a little more water, it still wasn't sticky and the onigiri fell apart. I only tried it twice, though, so I haven't really experimented too much.
heylucy 15 years ago
I used short grain brown rice from a nearby health food store. It was in th bulk bin, but it was the same size and shape as sushi rice. I think I will try adding more water and also sprinkling with vinegar. It held it's shape pretty well, it was just dry.
cat.rigby 15 years ago
Try a mix of regular brown rice and then sweet brown rice (try asian grocery). If it is all sweet brown rice it is TOO sticky, and if it's only regular brown rice, then it is too dry.

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