for Joke! 5:23pm, 5 December 2006
all this talk of shopping for bento IRL has me jealous! Anyone know Fort Lee in NJ - would THAT be a good place to go shopping for bento boxes and accessories?

I am based in Amsterdam, but will be in NYC over xmas...
cchen7 15 years ago
Alot of stores in Chinatown (both Manhattan and in Flushing, Queens) sell some bento items. Although I've never been personally, I have good things about
in Edgewater, NJ (which is a short drive from Fort Lee).

I keep meaning to take the shuttle bus they run from Manhattan to their store...
for Joke! 15 years ago
Thank you so much! I think that is actually the place i meant. I am totally going over xmas holiday!
cchen7 15 years ago
You're welcome! Hope you find good pickings.
cchen7 15 years ago
forJoke - did you make it to Mitsuwa? If so was it worth the trip out there?
luigiwu 15 years ago
politely butting in - I was at Mitsuwa recently and while they had a few bentos, they were not very cute in my opinion.
simple apparatus [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by simple apparatus (member) 15 years ago
*butting in too* The bentos I saw at the San Diego Mitsuwa were either child-sized Disney character ones or more masculine ones (and Mr Bento), but I found a one-tiered box that I like. I'm not a cutesy type so I went for the more masculine-looking one. hehehe. I hope forJoke found some stuff.
for Joke! 15 years ago
I DID go! I went yesterday and it was awesome. I was in heaven!!! Bought lots of accessories, chopsticks, boxes, muffin cups, and cute sauce bottles. Ingredients wise it was so fun too! But I still had to control myself, as I need to drag it all back to Amsterdam tomorrow.
simple apparatus [deleted] 15 years ago
YAY! Glad your trip was successful!
cchen7 15 years ago
forJoke - kudos on getting some good stuff. Worth the trip then?
for Joke! 15 years ago
Totally worth the trip!
internaionaldmc 5 years ago

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