cchen7 12:54am, 9 December 2006
The Japanese Ministry of Environment is trying to encourage usage of furoshiki to reduce paper/plastic bag waste. They've done a "how-to" guide that's also available via PDF.
Biggie* 15 years ago
This is *great*! Thanks for the link!
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Hey, this is cool. I've been doing a version of the yoto musubi on my goldfish bento. Thanks, virago7!
for Joke! 15 years ago
I want to learn ALL of these! :)
Asu M 15 years ago
Oh wow. Great Link, thanks! ^^
Green Galoshes 15 years ago
This is just perfect! Thanks so much for the link! ^_^
cchen7 15 years ago
:) Glad people found it useful too! I forgot to hat-tip, which is where I came upon the link.
natakiya 15 years ago
This is so awesome! Thank you very much! :)
Pavlina20 15 years ago
I was surfing and came across this link, but I thought I would post and revive it!
ilynne 15 years ago
I use the first one nearly every day. I prefer furoshiki to drawstring bags.

This has me thinking that I can throw a couple of bandanas in my purse. I never wind up carrying the reusable bags when I buy them. The watermelon tie & hand carry tie might change that.
chiisai_bara 15 years ago
Thanks for the revival, Pavlina! I might've miss this topic if not for you.

I bought a bandana a few weeks back and have been thinking about how to use it right... now I know... and thanks virago, for the wonderful link. :)
Sakurako Kitsa 15 years ago
If I could figure out a way to roll up four sodas and two bottles of water with by boyfriend's bento box in a furoshiki, I'd do it ;) Until then, he's getting recycled grocery store bags.
V_Cogs 15 years ago
Thanks! Yeah, another thing to spend my time figuring out how to do :)
cchen7 15 years ago
you're welcome chiisai bara! i'm glad so many people found it useful.
kevlarturtle 15 years ago
Yes - thanks! I inherited two gallon ziploc bags full of scarves from my grandma. They make perfect furoshiki. Practical AND pretty! Now I have more ways to tie them!
i printed & laminated it
i think they shouLd post this everywhere in the worLd
very eco-friendLy!
empress1978 15 years ago
This is great...Thanks
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