sanna82 1:39pm, 14 December 2006
Hi everybody!

I'm still patiently awaiting the arrival of my bento box from Japan but in the meantime I was wondering you y'all cut those wonderful apple usagi? Do you just slice the peal off 3/4 of a slice and then cut from two sides inwards or what's the magical way?

babygrljin 15 years ago
apple bunnies are easy. Just slice your apple as you normally would.Then slip the edge of your paring knife under the skin of one end of a slice, and cut the skin away from the apple as if you are going to skin he apple slice. Don't take off the whole skin, just cut about half way up the slice. Now take the knife and cut out a long, thing triangle from the cut end of the skin so that you have left the ears of the rabbit. I hope this sort of makes sense =)
KJF916 15 years ago
You can watch the Bento TV girl make them, here. I think her idea for the online "show" is cute, but her work is pretty underwhelming for the most part. She cuts the apple rabbit in front of you, in this clip.
sanna82 15 years ago
ah yay thanks! sounds easy!!
♫ bunnychan εїз 15 years ago
yesssssss ^^
Kate Ford did nice showing you Bento TV episode, as you can see is really easy !
Sarah the girl of bento tv is nice in showing how to do and gives you many idea for everything ^^
amanky 15 years ago
bentoTV... oh no, I'm afraid I just found out where the rest of my week's internet ventures will be focused!
sanna82 15 years ago
I can't really see their episodes. It keeps loading but nothing ever shows up. I'll try that again from my parents' computer later this week.
KJF916 15 years ago
Sanna, they didn't display for me, either, until I reloaded/installed an updated version of Quicktime (the movie player she uses). Once I did that, it was fine.
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