luigiwu 5:59am, 16 December 2006
Has anyone hear of a bento brand named 'Skater?' How is the quality of these products? Do they feature the same thick plastic as Hakoya or the thinner plastic of the Lube Sheep products for example.

What bento brands (other than Hakoya) do you own? Quality description?

Collectonian 15 years ago
I own Lube Sheep and i. kotoba products and so far the quality of both has been pretty good, though the lid for the top tier of the Lube Sheep box could be better fitting (it is almost impossible to keep it locked because it pops off at one corner). The i. kotoba stuff is very nice, and it is who made my band, bag, chopsticks, and chopstick case.
Zeynep A. 15 years ago
I own a skater set that is made out of thick plastic. Here is a photo of the same set (this one is not mine)

The lids are not the tightest and they are not microwaveable, nor dishwasher safe; but pretty cute and convenient.

Some of the skater bentos are made out of thin transparent though, at least the ones that are featured in their web site
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Missy Idiot, do you have a link for the Skater bento website?
Zeynep A. Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Zeynep A. (member) 15 years ago (too bad i don't know japanese :( i just randomly click to find the bento pictures :) )

edited: here are better links:
luigiwu 15 years ago
Missy Idiot, Can you elaborate more on the lids? So they just sort of fit? No tight? I'm wondering if the more expensive ones like Hakoya do fit any better?
Zeynep A. 15 years ago
hey there.

they fit, and they are somewhat tight but not "airtight". i also use a bento band, and try to put dry stuff in it so never came across any spills.
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